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    Breast Implants
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    Dr Preketes 17th July. Revision and upsize Dr Preketes 29th October
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    165cm 61kg 12b now 12dd/e
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  1. Just noticed that you were having revision Tuesday. Hope it all went well cant wait to see new pics. Happy healing :)

  2. Hope you don't mind the FR we have similar stats:)

  3. Hi :) I sent you a FR hope that's ok :)

  4. Dr Preketes is a very fair humble man I'm sure he won't be over priced just curious what time was your appointment I was also in there Friday
  5. Hi I had a bw of 13.5 and went an implant width of 14.0 and now going a implant width of 14.7 my surgeon isn't going any closer in the middle but more side boob and I was happy with that..
  6. Thanks jaddles yeah upsetting my old left crease didn't pop out when it was lowered to fit my 600cc but happy as I get to upsize which will give me the size I'm after a full 12e as I'm currently boarder line dd/e
  7. Hi I had surgery with Dr Preketes and I would highly recommend him he has a great bed side manner and his a very gifted plastic surgeon I'm booked in with him again to have some revision and to go bigger boobies
  8. I would just like to say I highly recommend Dr Preketes he is a very talented plastic surgeon and has a fantastic bed Side manner at times quiet and humble but he also has a great sense of humour, I'm sure you won't be disappointed.
  9. I was a July girl and went 600cc now going back for revision and up size to 700cc so excited bring on bigger boobies!!! 29th oct
  10. I would say go as big as you can I was a 12b I went 600cc dual plane and I got a big dd small e I'm booked in to go bigger in October to 700cc to achieve a full 12e good luck
  11. My surgery was 8-9g and revision with upsize 3-4g if you need revision it's good to upsize if you wish you went bigger
  12. Hi eviedestruction I had my crease lowered to fit 600cc but on the left boob my old natural crease didn't go away so I'm having redivision done and thought I might as well make a positive and go bigger
  13. So I was a July girl and went from a 12b to a 12dd/e measuring a 98cm which is a big dd small e using 600cc round textured mentor implant half unders now my left crease didn't come out so I'm booked in for revision and going bigger!!!! 700cc so I can achieve a full 12e!
  14. Thanks beenew for your great response yes my crease was lowered..
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