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    Breast enlargement, round 620cc's, inframmory incision
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    Dr Eddy Dona 6th August 2013
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    172cm/Was 14B now 14G/16F
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  1. Hi chick not sure if your wound has cleared up as I don't really used the forum anymore, I got golden staph after my op and it took around 8/9 weeks for it to heal and clear up. Perservere!!!
  2. Mine were very wide set - feel free to FR
  3. I was sleeping on my side around 1 week PO!! Didn't do me any harm !
  4. Here we go again .... trolls from other plastic surgeon's offices out to make other surgeons look sh*t and try and encourage the girls on the forum to re think about their BAs etc. It just doesn't work !!
  5. yeah he uses allergen sometimes but mostly textured nagor impleo :-)
  6. Hi gone south, I didn't get those sizes but I'm one of the original dr doña girls of you wanna see my pics, they need updating actually lol! But feel free :-)
  7. Nothing worked for me, I was oiling and moisturising, drinking gallons of water, taking vit e and every other vitamin for MONTHS in prep to my surgery. I carried on the same after surgery, using silicone tape and silicone gel also...guess what? I got massive stretch marks...you either get them or you don't, it's genetics!
  8. Keep strong Hun, I endured my whole incision line open for 9 weeks! It will heal, even though you think it might not. Just keep going the drs and hound your surgeon!!!! Xx
  9. Hannipie, if you have suffered with depression in the past then a dermatologist wouldn't prescribe you. My partner and I have both been on it and the only side effects we suffered with very dry lips and my hair didn't need to be washed every so often. It effects different people in different ways. But accutane is usually the very last resorts to severe acne
  10. Sorry D.E - my last post was referring to loz asking about larger furries. Xx Who is Dr B? Hehe sorry there is just so many drs!!! Lol!!
  11. My acne is also hormanol and I'm taking doxycycline 100mg once a day for 6 months then I'll stop it. Once a week I do a salcylic acid peel (low % 15%) and every other night I just dab my face with the acid (5%) my fiancé has cystic acne on his back and neck and is on roaccutane too, he can't use the acids as dermatoligist advised not too.
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