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  1. FR accepted Bronte! Its my pleasure to help other ladies prepare and get through their BA.
  2. 4 months (17 weeks) post op: I feel that it has been a long time since my last update. Things that have happened since then... I started side sleeping comfortably at 3.5 months, just after I found that I was able to push my boobs together. In hindsight it makes sense, cause the implant is not fighting the skin. Preop I predominantly slept on my back with a bit of side sleeping, but it's as though my body is trying to make up for the time spent back sleeping postop so I'm almost exclusively side sleeping lol! 2 weeks ago I decided my super comfy underwire bra that I had bought was no longer super comfy, so I went shopping to get sized and fitted and it turns out that I have been promoted to a 12DD! Omg I am in love with the Berlei barely there bra. Soooo good! And they were on sale for $40 at myer gotta love a sale! I joined the gym 2 weeks ago to whip myself back into shape. My upper body strength is so bad! Preop I was doing proper push-ups, and now I struggle to do incline push-ups! So I'm trying to build strength with free weights. Hitting up the core/abs and leg exercises is great though! Now to lose the weight I've gained since my op - sigh! pumpkin Ps. I'm not so keen on the new forum layout. How do I bold text in my posts these days?! Following from my previous update post - there was no photos at 3 months cause the forum was down, and the downtime broke my forum addiction so I'm not visiting the forums very often these days!!
  3. Week 11 postop: No pics this time.. I'll post some at 3 months! I started wearing underwire bras comfortably last week, nothing special just some random contour bras that were $10 from bnt. I ordered 12D on the web, cause I was pretty busy and didn't have time to get to the shops and I was sick of wirefree bras! They fit pretty well, but I feel as though I may grow out of them later as my skin still has a little bit of tightness. When I initially put one on hubby said "god your boobs look amazing!!" And he's been copping more feels lately hehe! This is week when I put on my sports bra hubby was kind enough to point out that I had a bit of cleavage going on. yay I can push them together! But it's a little uncomfortable at this stage, but I'm assuming it will become easier! Also I wore my LJ crop when I went running today and it doesn't hurt/irritate my incisions when it inevitably rides up! Still can't sleep on my side comfortably, so I'm still sleeping propped up at 45 degrees. I think I'm addicted!
  4. Hubby stayed in Bondi junction. We parked in Eastgate shopping centre Carpark (not to be confused with Westfield!) which is pretty close. I'm not sure how much it cost, but we were parked from about 10-6.30. Cause there's speed humps in the Carpark, he got the car and swung by the hospital to pick me up. They told me to to come at 10.30, I had no idea what time my surgery was! I guess the prefer that you was hanging around and waiting
  5. Allyann, how did the girls feel during your run? I hear you, I'm super impatient to start my HIIT full body excercises!
  6. Thank you so much for accepting pumpkin :-)

  7. Not a problem, FR accepted :)

  8. Hey pumpkin, I have sent you a fr, I am getting 350cc or 375cc, would love to see your result, hope that is ok, thank you!

  9. Akamin is a tetracycline antibiotic. It will just stop the acne causing bacteria causing inflamed spots. I was on doxycycline then minocycline st one stage. It clears up you skin, but...Once u stop taking them, your skin goes to **** again. They can make you bloated cause it disrupts your natural micro flora in your digestive system. Diahhorea or constipation can happen. It can increase the incidence if thrush, for the same reason. For me, this is what has made a difference: Focussing on not touching my spot affected skin, which means I don't touch my face unless my hands have been washed with soap and water. Drying your face with clean towels - I use face washers. Controlling my blood glucose level - no sugar (unless it's special occasions). Lots of veges. No animal dairy or soy milk. 85% dark choc only! About 3 months ago I started taking ethical nutrients zinc maintain, and that has made a difference. I started taking it because Only really noticeable after 1-2 months. My bad cystic back acne has cleared - you literally see them dry up and go peely after a couple of days of them appearing - now it's just a few stubborn small pimples around my shoulders, but I think that's because I have scratched at them when I've been wearing at shirt while I'm at home... different things work for different people, but I am now trying to treat the cause rather than covering up the problem with medications.
  10. Emii, the memory implants you are referring to are probably mentor CPG (cohesive silicone gummy bears), which is what I have. They are form stable to give badly shaped boobies awesome shape! They are a bit firmer than the regular silicone, but soften to feel just like natural boobs. Ang, I'm really sorry to hear that work screwed you over. Grrrr mine nearly did, and I know how bad that felt. Do you have an idea for when you can get the time off work for it? I am also curious about why you would be told something different to emii. Maybe he has surgery the day before the date u were booked in for?
  11. Both are perfect for what you want. It just depends on which one you feel more comfortable with! Each may offer you different sizes/brands that they think will be best suited to what you want. Best idea is to take pics of boobs you like to the consult and show them.
  12. I'm still sleeping upright!! Last week I tried a couple of nights of sleeping on my side, but I needed a pillow between my boobs to stop them hurting. I obsessively slept on my sides for those nights, but I full woke up every time I turned to reposition the pillow. In the end I didn't think it was worth it, so I'm back to 45 degrees with my boomerang pillow support. i found the key thing about sleeping upright is lumbar support. Find a really flat pillow (or one that squishes to really flat) and put it at the bottom of your pillow stack but perpendicular to normal pillows so your back lays on it but it finishes at your lumbar region. when I was on the couch in my pillow fort I used a small pillow from the couch collection to do the same job. lumbar it up!
  13. "8 week" PO appointment I saw Dr M today - technically 2 days before 8 weeks - for a scheduled check up to see how things are going. He said that the girls are looking very good for 2 months, and that they will continue changing quite a bit until the 6 month mark - which is about how long it should take for my skin to fully stretch out to accommodate the implant. Basically, until the point where they can squish and move like normal boobs, the skin is still stretching. A bonus is, as the implant is being compressed until the skin has fully stretched, over time they should get bigger in all directions! Yay He also said that even though they are looking a little different from each other now, Rightie should catch up over time and they should end up looking very similar. Another yay i mentioned the bruising that I had and he said that there was only a tiny speck of blood during the surgery and that the bruising was most likely to the skin having to stretch so much so quickly and blood vessels can get broken etc and lead to bruising. He said that it is very unpredictable (I guess it just has to do with individual anatomy). That made me feel a bit better. At the moment you can only just see the last remnants of bruising. A slight side track for something that I've learn from research - girls with unders have the muscle compressing the implant which means the skin doesn't have to expand quite as quickly. He took off my micropore tape to have a look at my incisions and he commented on how goopy the tape was. I tried to stop my moisturising oil and coconut oil getting on the tape but it inevitably ended up on it, which probably caused the tape to slide around on my skin a bit. I have had to change it twice a week (instead of the prescribed 7-10 days) because of this. He said my incisions are looking good - nice and thin and flat - but they were a little red around them which was due to the "wet" tape allowing bacteria to be happy. So because my incisions were looking so good, and with the trouble of me getting my oil all over the tape, plus as my skin type is type I (white, always burns never tans, freckles ) which usually heals with very minimal scarring - I could stop using the tape and just use my moisturising oil on my incisions as well as my boobs. At least that makes things easier! Although if I start to see my incisions becoming raised or becoming wider I need to start using the tape again. Looks like I'm taking happy snaps of my incisions now! He also said that there is little point to me using the silicone scar tape as my skin type heals well on its own. i mentioned that my internal stitches were sore and he said that it is normal. The 'internal bra' stitches are there for when he needs to lower the crease to support the implant and that they will be hanging around for 10 months or so. I'm just hoping that the achy-ness doesn't hang around that long! There are always questions that you remember after the appointment! I forgot to ask when I could start doing all my upper body exercises! He said that at this point, I can't really do much that will ruin them and that the critical time period has passed. Basically I can do things that I used to do as long as they don't cause me pain. If there is pain, stop and wait a little longer. So I'm already getting back into running, but now I'm starting to do some core/lower ab work. Using my upper abs seems to irritate my stitches, and there is no way that I am even attempting side plank (or normal plank) just yet! boobie <3 oh and I found out today that Rightie was grade 2 tuberous and Leftie was grade 1... This info didn't fit anywhere else lol
  14. No worries. FR accepted :)

  15. Fr sent. I'm getting anatomical too, trying to find other anatomical girls

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