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    Breast Augmentation
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    Dr Mark Lee 21st June 2013
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  1. Took the girls out for their first real outing today!! Wasn't very successful.. got tired quickly have noticed a bit of bruising on my sides and that my left boobie has noticeable shrunk smaller than my right I'm hoping the swelling has just gone down quicker in that side.. has any one else experienced this??
  2. Hey Inde I'm at 3:00pm.. Seems like always seem yo be just missing each other hey xx
  3. I made my boyfriend wash my hair last night. Lol.. He didn't do the best job but it did make me feel better
  4. Thanks for you reply Jess!! Makes me hopeful, how long after did you notice them to start fluffing?? If you don't mind me asking
  5. Thanks ladies had a big sleep in this morning and have felt good all day so far.. I have noticed some of the swelling go down and I'm a bit worried that my boobies will get small!! is this normal?? Will they keep getting smaller??
  6. Nice to know I'm not the only one thought I was just being a bit of a sook
  7. My first post op appointment is Thursday.. When are you seeing him??
  8. Emma

    June 2013 :)

    Good luck June girls!! can't wait to hear how you all go no need to stress I'm sure you'll all be fine
  9. They look very high and swollen at the moment.. I'm a bit worried that they'll be smaller than I'd hope when all the swelling goes down??Had a really good day this morning but took a bit of a step back this arvo just feeling a bit crappy and got a bit of a tear up, not about my boobs just a bit emotionally drained I think.. Hopefully a good nights sleep will fix that
  10. Emma

    June 2013 :)

    I feel surprisingly good today had a better sleep last night which helps.. Just watching a movie in bed with Mum though don't want to over so it and get sore.. Put my hair up for the first time so was happy about that haha
  11. Thank you ladies sorry for the late reply, but here's my story so far. After what felt like forever waiting in my bed and then the holding room I finally got to see Mark who was so nice and very comforting while he was drawing on me. Then I met the anaesthetist Ralph and he was lovely. I was then taken into the theatre room and onto the table where Ralph gave me my drip and a kind nurse distracted me with all the usual questions. The next thing I remember is waking up with the driest throat and lips and wondering where my bf and mum were. I had a bit of trouble breathing at first and felt quite tight and sore so the nurses gave me something in my drip as well as some pills that did the job I then got moved to my room where my mum and bf were waiting for me. They have been so good to me and stayed with me all arvo until they had to leave. Didn't get much sleep, kept waking up during the night. Saw Mark before discharge time and said that he was happy how everything went and how they were looking this morning. Spent most of today on the couch snoozing and watching movies.
  12. So today's the big day.. I'm so excited and nervous all at the same time!! I'm at hospital in my sexy gown and stockings waiting to see my doctor and anaesthetist. I just wanted to say thank you to all you girls for all your threads and posts, even though I'm not a big poster I am an avid reader and appreciate all the information can't wait to wake up this arvo with boobies
  13. Emma

    June 2013 :)

    You won't be the only one!!
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