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  1. Thanks for that, I do a similar sauce so will run with that. Just sent you a fr hope that's ok.
  2. Thanks kiddi, I'm using last years one as well. That's what I was thinking but didn't want to be naughty if I'm not supposed to.
  3. Latishatoya question - on your meal plan do you have meat and veggie stir fry, if so did you have a sauce with it. I haven't been having sauces on anything but stir fry would be so dry without it?
  4. Thanks Jaddles may need to try them if this keeps up. I nearly crumble to the floor when trying to go to the toilet. Having my protein shakes so hopefully that can help too. Latishatoya I want a squat bum too. Had a good bum before kids now I'm not so much of a fan. Still can't upload any photos on phone or computer.
  5. I'm committed to 12 weeks of clean eating and exercise. Just might have different healthy things for lunch or dinner, so I don't get bored. It's hard with three kids and working to cook them something different every night. They wont eat the same things over and over and hubby decided he wouldn't do it until later in the year (closer to summer). But as much possible I am committed to sticking with it. Not joining Challenge.
  6. And I must add after heaps of squats and lunges Monday night and the cross trainer last night, I am struggling to walk today. lol
  7. Thanks jaddles, not sure why im not doing the actual challenge. Happy doing it as I am now. To be honest dont think I will last 12 weeks at it. The food is boring me. Wantinboobiesgotbobbies you look great you are going to be smoking hot after 12 weeks.
  8. So it wont upload to album either. Will try putting it on computer tomorrow and uploading.
  9. Arrrghh wont let me attach photo so will put in my album. Thanks kona im on day 2 atm going good and brought a cross trainer today for my cardio
  10. Hey guys well as im not registering for the challenge here is my before pic. Happy to get rid of baby belly and tone up. Im hoping it wont take 12 weeks, amelia dione looks fantastic but I dont need to look like her.
  11. Good work girls you will all smash it. I'm starting tomorrow, not doing the challenge as such and home work out it is for me, I can't bounce or run for 3 to 6 months. I am so pumped. Did my grocery shopping today and can't wait to start.
  12. LatishaToya, you will def make it to top 30 you are already in great shape, you are hot!!!!. Good luck hun. Hubby and I are going to do the chic one. He lost about 25kg last year and looks awesome, he just wants to tone and support me. This is going to be so hard for me. Will take before photo and stick up tonight. One more day of sugar for me.
  13. Omg amelia, you are hot!!!!!!! Congrats on what you have achieved. Sent you a fr hope thats ok. Your transformation makes it easier to say yes to doing the challenge. Although will be doing on my own starting monday.
  14. Ok....so I really want to look at doing this but...I don't really know what's involved and cant get the details off the website. LatishaToya can you please fill me in and you may just have another buddy, although I'm not allowed to run/bounce for 3 to 6 months do may need to alter bits.
  15. Hi Russianjewel, I am 7 weeks hmmm maybe 8 weeks post op and I got 495CC teardrop dual plane. I was very deflated 12 A before hand and got measured last week and am now a 10E. My PS told me that I would be a C and he didn't think I would get a D, which is what I really wanted. I hung off getting measure so I didn't get disappointed, but I was over the moon. They aren't too big at all. In clothes they can be hidden and you wouldn't even know, but if I want them to be out they look awesome. My main reason for getting them was when I was naked and they don't feel too big. I love them.
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