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    BA. after breastfeeding 2 kids, went from a B to a D, to a very sad A. can't wait to get the fullness back in my boobs and be happy in my own skin again.
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    Dr Kailis, 16th April 2013
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    Beauty therapist/full time mum

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  1. HI, can i get added to the private perth Facebook group. I am in perth and just got implants. i saw on the feed you were talking about it. Thanks

  2. Hi there, I've just sent you a FR. I'm having my BA in two weeks and have so far selected 380 HP brazilians, I'd love to see how yours have turned out!

  3. Hello! Do you have overs or unders ?

  4. jessk217

    After care

    And how would you carry your bags, prepare food etc. I couldn't even lift a carton of milk. No way could you lift or even pull along a suitcase
  5. jessk217

    After care

    Everyone has a different recovery and you won't know until it happens. I got some great advice on here- hope for the best but prepare for the worst. It is major surgery after all.
  6. Holy crap I pop my head back in the forum and straight away see this!!!!! I'm fuming for you, so absolutely angry that they put you through all of this for nothing!!!! It's so great that nothing is wrong but surely they could have done other tests first?!?!?!? Omg I'm so wild. That should just not happen. I'm ready to get on a plane to come see you. Seriously I would go in with you and demand answers and money and go to a current affair. Farrrrrrk!!!!!!
  7. WOW Lara that's amazing!!! 550 woohooo!!! glad to hear that things are going well for you after all the dramas you had xx
  8. Haha I can do that it's hilarious but I've never thought to set it to music
  9. Omg my dream job but then I had kids and the hours and travel don't work
  10. Thanks girls Dona I do agree with you totally which is why I've stayed on here so long. I don't plan on shutting myself off but it's a matter if sorting priorities and while I love this place, my main priority is quality time with my family. Fear not I'm not turning into a hermit, but 2 jobs the kids and life in general are enough right now. Once I get the balance right ill be back. You don't get rid of me that easily!
  11. hey ladies, chest exercises are still fine post op, you just need to wait at least 6wks if not a bit longer. I had unders and the first time I went swimming, at 3 months po, it was the strangest feeling of the implant moving under the muscle. it doesn't hurt and it wont affect the implant placement or anything if you wait long enough. but its strange and it also looks weird too. - just read the first page of comments and yeah its ok if you are just doing normal chest exercises etc - most things you do use your pecs to some extent so you can't cut it out entirely. but like Amelia says probably no isolations
  12. Hey ladies, so as most of you would know I have a total addiction to this forum. and as some of you know, i'm having some health issues at the moment. So in order to get myself back on track, i'm going to be taking a break from things that are not essential to my life or wellbeing. that includes technology, which includes facebook and the forum. I've also quit one of my 3 jobs - the childcare one - which was hard but I need to get healthy and constantly giving to others is, sadly, something that has to go while I concentrate on myself and learning to say no. I have really appreciated the help and chats over the past few months. its been so great getting to know you all, having support on my journey, and supporting others as well. Hopefully I can get my life back on track and be here again soon, with lots more amazing booby photos. I've made some great friends on here and hope you're still around when I come back. you're a wonderful, strong, amazing and determined bunch of women throwing the plastic surgery stereotype out the window. take care of those boobies girls!!
  13. Ahhhh omg I freaking hate how these days it's normal to be fat and unhealthy and if you try to take care of your body and you're health, you must be some kind of weirdo, or you're a hippy or obsessed or something. It makes me mad that if you go out and order a salad then people talk about you or laugh at you. I don't understand when coke and chips became normal - even for kids!!! When we were growing up it was frowned upon if your kids had a soft drink but now I find myself having to justify myself if my kids don't have it. Messed up.
  14. Sounds like sugar/carb detox...I get that too. Drink lots of water. Going well girls!!
  15. you get used to it, it only takes me half an hour to do my nails now and the bonus is that they are dry straight away - so as far as i'm concerned its actually quicker coz you don't have to sit around waiting for them to dry. and I only do them once every 2 weeks instead of every couple of days. I always have my nails done, since its my job, and I would hate to have them chipping every couple of days. don't know how I put up with it before shellac came along!
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