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  1. I most certainly hope not - mine has died off quite a lot now - barely feel discomfort at all! I see my surgeon on the 29th ill find out more then
  2. hi Malinka, I didn't have rhino but I did have a full BA & lift with Dr trott and he is a very experienced surgeon I would highly recommend him. Or dr sylaidis at APSC he is another highly recognised surgeon goodluck
  3. Taniya7130 its sounds like we are experiencing the exact same thing - I did think maybe it was because it was getting close to and was 'that time of month' which still could well be a possibility. Or maybe nerves mending??? who knows just hoping nothing serious
  4. Hi girls, been a long-time since I've posted anything but the last few days I've had really strange pains in my nipple area (I had BA & lift) its like a stinging feeling and doesn't last long but does come and go quite a bit. I called my surgeon this morning but he is on leave until the 20th so I need your help to find out if anyone else has experienced anything like this so late on!
  5. hi mondomino, You should look at Dr Trott - I used him for lift and implants and totally happy with results. I also had a consult with Dr sylaidis who seemed amazing but a little more pricey! goodluck!
  6. I went pretty good the wound is finally starting to heal and the infection has gone - I still need to wait til everything is fully healed before I can have the scars redone and as my surgeon is going away for 5 weeks the redo won't be done until the 23 of October so that's a bugger having to wait so long and heal only to opened up again :( how is ur infection going? Started clearing? My boobs and ribs have actually become sore this week!

  7. Hi Hun, I actually threw it in the bin and bought saline tubes. Didn't want to run the risk of it getting worse because of preservatives in the solution. How did u go?

  8. Hi tarz, spoke to my surgeon yesterday about the contact lense solution and although he didn't say NO he just said warm soapie water was the best thing to clean the wound :)

  9. Tarz, ill ask surgeon in an hour and half and let u know mine is still pussing and bleeding but not as red anymore! Sounds like my holes are a lot bigger than urs which is great for u, hope u continue to heal nicely x
  10. thanks for your kind words guys - I see the surgeon again this afternoon to make sure theres some progress on the infection and then we will book in a date to redo the scars so I can finally start healing properly again id post pics but there pretty gross so I wont bother until they're healed!
  11. Hi Guys, Thought I'd share a bit of my experience so far. After having a near perfect / breezy recovery I went to see my surgeon last week (3 weeks post BA for the first time) he removed the bandages and didn't like the look of what was happening! (I had a lollipop lift as well as BA) My body was rejecting the stitches and pushing them out - apparently this can be a common problem with scars and it has spread my scar to probably about 2cms wide not what I wanted at all. He told me to clean it with betadine 3 times a day and keep it open and return in a week for review. I followed his orders and 2 days later things got worse and I had a hole a bit bigger than a ten cent piece which was oozing quite bad and you could see the internal stitches coming out - as it was the weekend I booked into see a random GP and get straight on antibiotics. I rang my surgeons rooms first thing Monday morning and they said to come in straight away. By Monday both breast had a hole with revealing stitches and my breast had started to hurt at this stage. PS cleaned the wounds - removed the internal stitches so my body would stop fighting them out and start clearing up the infection and advised to continue on with strong antibiotics. My PS said it would be a good idea if we removed the area of old scar and re-did a new one (with different stitches) at no extra cost to me, which I was so grateful for. So I go back tomorrow to see how the infection is progressing and to book a time to have my new scars made and for my boobies to look amazing.. I just cant wait to see the final results! Not the outcome I'd hoped for but I guess things could have been a lot worse and my surgeon has been absolutely amazing, so thoughtful and reassuring.
  12. Hi Tarz, I am going through this atm only mine are really bad. I didn't get on antibiotics quick enough and my body was rejecting the internal stitches pushing them out resulting in my scar spreading. Got so much worse over the weekend so I saw some random GP got straight on antibiotics and then called my PS this morning - I went in and saw him straight away he removed the stitches so my body would stop fighting them out and start fighting the infection and once the infection has heeled we have decided to cut off the old scars and re-stitch new ones was horrible! wish you all the best and hoping you don't end up like me!
  13. Congrats Emmajanexo - pity about all your pain hope meds work real soon! rest up
  14. Congrats... Sounds like you had an overall good experience
  15. Thanks rachel800 - it is much worse than the BA pain and no medication will get rid of it I went to my gp about it and he has referred me for X-ray and ultrasound (which I haven't been able to do yet) and I don't see my surgeon until mid next week for my post op check up so how long did the pain last for you - did it just eventually go away on its own. Thanks for your help x
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