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  1. Contemplating between Dr Dona and Dr . atm for a revision due to rupture of my implant.
  2. Hey Peachesandmeme, I always get a botox lip flip with my lip fillers. I do like the effect, but it doesn't last very long, maybe about a month for me, if that. It definitely goes down after two weeks. I don't have lengthened philthrum, just a much poutier look than with the filler alone. Not sure, if it depends on who does it and how they do it or maybe how much botox they use for the lip flip, I only have a very small amount, I think the cost is minimal, like 20$ on top or something like that. Hope that helps.
  3. Hey girls, I will need a breast revision due to a rupture in my right breast implant I had Nagar implants 360 cc high profile done at TCI which doesn't exist anymore, in May 2013. I'm wondering if anyone has had a rupture or problems with Nagar implants, I do have a warranty on the implant, but the next time around, i want the best chance of it lasting and I didn't think I need a revision before the ten year mark.
  4. Hey everyone, I haven’t been on here in ages. I had a breast augmentation in 2013 at the Cosmetic Institute in Sydney, Parramatta, done by Dr Val.I had 360cc and just remember that it was a nagar implant. I went for my yearly ultrasound last week and they have told me that I have a suspected rupture in the right implant.I have no pain or any symptoms, nothing looks weird from the outside. Today I got a mammogram done and another ultrasound but been told to contact my cosmetic surgeon for a consultation. The cosmetic institute is no longer operating. Does anyone have any recommendations or had the same issues. Is a replacement of implants a lot more complex than an augmentation. Would it need to be replaced on both sides ? Freaking out a bit, thank you for your help.
  5. Hi AshB, I was really nervous before my BA. Now I'm nearly kind of sad that the experience of surgery is over. Haha, that sounds wrong. But true, nothing to be scared about. Have you decided on size yet?
  6. Hi Eva 7, sorry for my late reply, I am having some internet issues Wow, not long to go for you. I am now week seven and very happy with the results. The extra high were the only way I could fit the 360 in, but I am glad I went with it. They are not quite even yet, leftie is a bit slow in dropping, but has caught up in the last week or so. I think because they are extra high, it takes longer for them to drop.
  7. NKT13, not long to go for you, you must be excited. Don't worry, you will be in good hands in TCI. I had a very good and quite swift recovery. I love the twins, they still have to drop a lot, especially the left one which seems to be a bit behind. Dr Val said, becauseI have the extra high, it will also take longer for them to drop. I did know that and it's fine, not noticeable under clothes. Good luck with your surgery, let me know how you go.
  8. Hey Flip, I'm sure 360 will be fine. I had a moment of panic as well while lying on the table and before going under and thought " oh no, what am I doing", haha But I am so happy with them now, I would not want them any smaller. Perfect size, you can hide them or show then off I got Nagor textured, so I think that is quite similar to the furry. Good luck with your surgery, you're gonna love them.
  9. Thanks Miss Bec, definately happy I went with 360cc. You had about the same size, how are you liking them so far? Can't wait for time to go by till they drop and fluff, still sitting quite high.
  10. Stephandash, I think you should be fine with two weeks off. I went back to work last monday, but I'm just working in on office in front of the pc, lots of typing. I can move my arms fine by now,but I try to avoid heavy lifting and stretching far. I just noticed that I get tired easily and still rest a lot. Listen to your body, I guess everyone is different. Take it easy the first few days back at work. I still take panadol when I feel really tight or the incisions hurt. Good luck
  11. How are you ladies recovering so far? Can't believe I'm already 2 weeks tomorrow. I am a bit worried as my righty is a bit bigger, and lefty looks square to me... I know I know, it's way to early to worry, but still... Well, take it easy everyone. Can't believe how quickly May went and that we are through, yeah!!! Thank you for everyones support. You guys are all amazing. It's so good to have somewhere to go for support, big hug
  12. Hey girls, just a quick update, sorry haven't been online last few days. I went back to work on Monday, which was fine, just feel very tired at the end of the day. First day of driving was weird, took me two minutes to open my hand break and steering was a bit uncomfortable but got used to it now. Still take panadol and ibuprofen sometimes, but tightness and pain are much better. I went for my one week check up and it went well. Tasha showed me how to do the massages. The first few times it was quite painful. Leftie is definitely a bit smaller and higher, I hope they won't end up two different sizes and that it's just because leftie is a bit behind. I also have a little vein on the left side underneath the incision, I think it's a bit of Mondor's Cord, hope it doesn't get worse. You can't really see it on the pictures, but it hurts a bit and is palpable. Also don't have to wear the Post op bra anymore, yay. I bought some bras/crops from Laura Jane, in Large . Can't wait for time to go on and everything to heal and also miss exercising, feel bloated and unfit. But everything seems to be alright, I will add some more pictures soon. Good luck to everyone coming up for surgery and/or on the road to recovery.
  13. Alyjade, you won't regret going with TCI. Had a great experience. Loved the twilight sedation, I didn't feel nauseous at all, which usually happens to me.
  14. That's good news teegsb, you won't regret going with Dr Val. I have my checkup tomorrow. Can't believe it's already one week. I so love my new twins, haha
  15. Thinking of you ladies. Starflower, rest up and keep on top of the pain killers, it will get better, sometimes when I'm out of bed to long, I get a feeling like stitches in my boobs, I think we just still have to take it easy. Hope you are all recovering well.
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