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  1. So in afew days I'll be at the 6 week mark and can finally ditch the post op bra YAY! But I need to go bra shopping for my new girls... I want to get a really supportive everyday bra... Anyone have any suggestions at which brands/styles are comfortable and offer enough support?
  2. Off topic but desperately need help Looking for a new place to get my extentions done.... Any recommendations? Would be greatly appreciated! Don't want to spend $$$ for crap! Thanks girls
  3. Did you guys order from the US site? How much was shipping?
  4. ash92

    June 2016 girls!

    Wooooohoooooooo @Jennalee !! They look GREAT! Dr Ellis Choy is fantastic!!
  5. @Abevemi where did you get the marena and what style? How long after did you use it for?
  6. My dr gave me a doctors certificate for as long as I requested. Shouldn't be a problem and the certificate doesn't specify what procedure you had
  7. ash92

    June 2016 girls!

    @TaeniaS this is how I feel! I love mine now (although one is dropping faster than the other) I hope they don't drop and change too much more
  8. @Cuddlybear how many days post op are you? One of mine is "dropping" a lot faster than the other and I'm a little worried about it too
  9. ash92

    June 2016 girls!

    How are all the June ladies going? I'm 8 days post op now and returning to work next week I've been driving and doing quite normal things the past few days- just getting more tired from them than usual! Last night and this morning I'm having some pain on one of incisions. Is this normal? Im hoping I haven't pulled anything and it's normal otherwise I'll be worried
  10. What's his snapchat? I'd love to follow!
  11. Also following... Mom 6 days post op and am wondering what symptoms to look out for?
  12. @Corky101 aw thank you so much for that! Definetly made me feel a lot better
  13. ash92

    June 2016 girls!

    @TaeniaS I was taking endone and panadine forte! Now just taking normal Panadol in the day and forte at night. The dr said it was the endone and the codeine in the panadine forte. I scratched my legs so much they bled!
  14. ash92

    June 2016 girls!

    @TaeniaS yes! My skin has been so itchy after surgery. My dr told me it's a side affect of pain killers @MermaidUnicorn a 2meter phone cord saved my life whilst resting in bed!
  15. I had surgery on Friday- 375 HP over's and I'm thinking I should have gone bigger and how silly it was that I didn't. They aren't overly swollen but I really don't want them to get any smaller. Is it possible they will look bigger once they fluff?
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