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  1. I have teardrop mentor tall height mod plus profile in 395. Sent u a fr we are similar :)

  2. Hi Rachel I have been looking for someome who upgraded to a great size with DR Doña after already having much smaller implants, I'm only 6 weeks out of my first BA but already very keen to look into my second as planned. I'm very happy with the care and job my PS did but it's no where near the size I want.. After making up some sizers I think given my height and weight I will need approx 700cc to get the look I want. Don't know if this is unrealistic but I think you have given me hope. How are you going? If you don't mind me asking what size did you start with? Many many thanks! I need to pick your brain :)

  3. Sent you a FR gen D x

  4. Allyann how are the girls going? X

  5. Yep sure did and it was really easy! They use the largest banks exchange rates so fantastic conversion! :)

  6. Just saw your pics! Amazing transformation! Congrats! We got pretty similar implants too! Mine are changing all the time. Did u get overs or Unders/ dual plane? How's the recovery going? X

  7. Hi! 395cc teardrops dual plane. Didn't feel drains at all!!! Not even when he took them out. Worst part was getting up first time. You will be fine xx

  8. Ruby you look fantastic! Gona have some nice big boobies there! X

  9. Hey allyann your boobs are naturally really really close! Lucky girl. Your cleavage meets up the top, saw your post about Dr B saying no push ups.. I reakon he would be concerned when things are all still moving around that they don't end up meeting the whole way down. Had a girlfriend this happened to and it's not good. She had to get a smaller implant and don't massage them in.. Down up and out only. Your boobs look fantastic by the way! Xxx

  10. Bella I can't wait!!!! How you going? How's the new girls? Did you enjoy Thailand and feel well enough to do much? Xx

  11. hi! Dr V told me i would need to agree to a possible lift so stuck with Dr Boonchai who agreed no lift but the compromise was teardrop implants to help lift and fill sag xx

  12. I'm sooooo excited for you! Good luck! X

  13. Shaz how is everything going? X

  14. Sending u a FR! Good luck how exciting!!!!!

  15. Noticed in one of your pics you have French tip acrylics. Did you remove them before heading over for surgery? Ta! X

  16. 4 days after me and same surgeon! We just might cross paths!!! Not long now!!!!! Xxxxx

  17. Whoo hoo we are at the same resort!!! I arrive the 3rd 9.30 in the morning surgery the next day!!! My kids are Max 12 and twin boys who have just turned 6! Wow ex hubby coming!! Trying to work things out or just to help out??? My hubby will be there too loves a drinking friend :) quite social my partner.. Well we sure will spot each other!!!! Two chicks in ugly Bras not swimming!!! :) xx

  18. Storm I just saw your ontop message! Bahahahaha I refuse!! Unless those ugly little empty suckers are incased in a very nice bra no way baby! Maybe after the girls we will end up with an ontop obsession after all the years of neglecting this important place to be!! ;) ;)

  19. Hi just wondering how your going? Have the girls settled into the pockets yet? I know you were worried about still sitting so high. Dud he recommend a strap to help push them down? Xx

  20. Oops make that I'm 4 cm taller than you!

  21. Hi! Just read your post about your experience with dr Boonchai.. Hmmm I'm a little worried about the attitude.. I've heard the same comments from a few ladies.. He has told me teardrop dual plane option only, so has made a firm decision in that regard... I hope he is flexible with size options though.. Please keep me posted on the new girls and I'm sure being Unders they will def drop and fluff. He has done some nice boobs but seems to not like doing the "big ones" . Your two centimeters taller than me but 4 kilo lighter and I'm wishing for at least 400cc... He did say under 350.. Hoping he is flexible. Happy healing! X

  22. Hi Merlin congrats on the new girls!! Sent u a Fr. I'm getting teardrop also :)

  23. MumO5 check out gumnuts last thread. Any advise on what to do?? She sounds terrified.. I'm really surprised no ones helping her. :(

  24. hi just saw your comments on my sad boobs....i am not getting a lift but to avoid this and get the best outcome im getting textured teardrop implants. They help give the boobs at the bottom extra lift and help lift the nipples up also. Im having dual plane. Teardrop have a wider bottom base and fill up the loose hanging skin better.. somje will agrue this but ive seen many pictures of girls with similar boobs to mine that have gone round and eventually the loose skin can hang off the bottom of the implant. i dont want the scars of a lift so hence agreed to teardrop. Good luck! x

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