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  1. Mine will be 18 months old soon...they are fantastic! Dr B excells at boobs dont let anyone tell your otherwise. When i upgrade ill be going back to him x
  2. Absolutely Dr Boonchai! He is the boob god of phuket! Im very happy with mine and you'll be hard pressed to find a single negative review. Good luck
  3. Oh i remember those pics Don...her boobs are awful..i was shocked that she excepted that job he did as being ok...so much error there!!
  4. I cant believe people compare TCI to PIAC???!!! Drives me nuts..ladies massive difference! Your comparing highly trained internationally recognized world renouned plastic surgeons to cosmetic surgeons....there is no comparison. None.. its like comparing David Jones to Aldi... each to their own but please think about what you read from others...if your weighing up being comfortable to have surgery in another country then thats a valid point to look at. Please dont compare the surgeons...
  5. His implant of choice is Mentor. They have a great range. Dr B is the best as far as im concerned! Good luck!
  6. Some only small amounts of local before you wake for comfort levels.. not huge amounts cosmetic surgeons use before cutting u open!
  7. Um have any of you ladies read this!!!! Omg!!!! This is huge.. also take note of the link to another article Don posted further up..has anyone ever questioned why Plastic Surgeons do not use this method.. hmmm says alot to me!!!!!! You get what you pay for ladies.. the cost cutting filters down the chain of care. Think about that before going under the knife...
  8. Awesome! Mine are super dooper soft now and can squish them right in and up..lost some upper pole but they sit wider..i perfer the wide full look though so im ok with that. Im not a projection girl..im a side boob girl
  9. Hi Lolos! I really want bigger...i loveeee them but i have terrible boob greed...yep will stay with exactly what i have...love the profile and width. I just want 200 cc bigger!..its a long term plan. But def back to Dr B. Wouldnt let most surgeons here in Australia touch me...wouldnt mind a mini TT also if i can get away with a mini..Dr B rocks at them. How you going??
  10. Um its very simple actually..click on Dons name...just for the record shes a dinosaur around here..a very valued one. Im very surprised you havent realised that?? She holds the record for helping people the most on this site. Happy researching!
  11. Im a Boonchai girl too and very very happy with my results. Im 15 months post op and they are just great. I plan to upgrade in 12 months or so and will be going back to him. I have no interest in having a upgrade in Australia... He is my pick any day. Good luck x
  12. dee envy


    All reputable implants come with a lifetime warranty...fact. No surgeon will give u a warranty on if things go wrong...some will for a short time for CC but thats it! You are in much better hands with a reputable Internationally recognized highly trained Thai Plastic Surgeon..over a budget CS in Australia any day...just my opinion based on buckets and buckets of research!! Good luck on your journey and yes please do direct yourself to the overseas forum. Oh and for eyelid sugery Thailand is a much better option
  13. Lordy lord! Wow ive been gone too long.. Anyway yes good luck Stef with your rack in waiting. Keep us posted.
  14. Cannot believe he is still able to practise the awake method...good lord.. this is what happens when CS are not regulated in Australia... Hunny you pay your surgeon to make the best decision on placement and size.. Not to sit up half way through surgery with your chest cut open to give your opinion...has me gobsmacked. You will be fine! I actually like the feeling of going under.. sick i know.. but awesome.. stay the hell away from anyone who wants to cut you open then ask your opinion!
  15. What type of implant and placement did he use?
  16. If you cant afford a plastic surgeon the only bargain boobs id consider would be TCI. Being in Adelaide by the time you add in flights and accommodation etc look for a PS in your state..there are some young up and coming ones in Adelaide( which they greatly needed!!) You should be able to get the experience of a PS for under 10,000. Or alternatively perhaps consider an Internationally recognized plastic surgeon at PIAC in Thailand. Recoup in comfort and come home with great knockers. Good luck
  17. Cup size and ccs from one person to the next varies greatly! No one can answer that question for you.. did you have extremely different volume boobs??? Just noticed you state 100 cc difference put in each?
  18. Very...yes he is. He does not take risks nor does he take on clients who have the potential to not be happy regardless of a successful outcome...trust me he can sniff them out a mile away and ive known many that have flown over there and he simply just says no and walks out. Are those breasts yours in that profile pic? If so and ive seen other pics of yours, id perhaps look at some councilling and work out whether the breasts are the issue...you are crying over what is probably the biggest you can have at this stage. They are quite big and your skin looks very taunt. Maybe the tears are a deeper issue you need to look at. Just a suggestion.
  19. Disgusting!!!!!!!! Cracks are starting to show! Must be costing him business...well done ladies..keep at it!
  20. You are tiny with a big set of perfect looking breasts. And only 10 weeks post op. I doubt very very much that piac will touch you. They dont take risks. They dont have to for money as they are so in demand. You are obviously after the extreme fake round look. You wont find that in thailand. Id be looking at USA or Mexico. Just make sure u do alot of research as many surgeons over there are happy to have a crack at high risk cases as there is so much competition. Good luck
  21. I got mine at bras n things but this time of year id look online x
  22. Lolos the best by far to do what you have described are Playboy brand underwire pushup bikinis..amazing! My hubbys eyes popped out of his head when i rounded the corner in those. And trust me i tried them all! Kills seafolly!
  23. Ooohh Emma i would definitely re think having anymore put in! Totally agree with Don. Very borderline Duck lips.
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