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    Breast Implants in August 2013
    With Meditravel Group tour
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    10th August Dr. Narupon Rojanapithayakorn PIAC Hospital
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  1. A friend of mine had surgery last year and she found a lump about 6 weeks later and ended up seeing a doctor and having an ultra sound and it ended up being a active lymph node but it was best she checked it out as she was in panic for a week or so. Me Id be off to the doctor in a heart beat. There is so many things to think about and what can go wrong that on some days Im a little concerned about what I have agreed to have done ! Then other like today I am as excited a kid in a lolly shop
  2. I think that a lot of surgeons may have different degrees of perfection of their own work and how they want it to look not knowing that sometimes we want them to look good , well better than we started but not at the level of perfection that we want to go in a nudie magazine or anything lol Me I just want them to look like they belong on me and not on a 18yr old. I saw a few surgeons here in Australia and sent pictures to a couple of agencies and the recommendations all differ a bit. One wanted me to have a lift on just one side to even things up I seriously sat there going "even what up" apparently one is bigger then the other (quiet normal) and one sits a little lower not that I had noticed. I gave it about 10 secs thought and said na... I was not concerned about it before and wasnt an issue so rather not have the lift. The surgeon just wanted me to look 100% perfect which is lovely but me I have never strived for 100% 90% is more realistic:rolleyes:
  3. I have just booked my surgery in for August so anyone else out there going to Phuket in August? Im having Breast Implant finally taken me 43 years and 3 kids later but now "it all about me" My surgeon is Dr. Narupon Rojanapithayakorn at PIAC anyone got anything on him it quiet hard to find anything although Mel at Meditravel who booked everything for me speaks highly of him and I spoke with a girl who had surgery in February with him and she raved about him so happy to go with that
  4. Im going with Dr. Narupon Rojanapithayakorn through an agency called Meditravel they have been fantastic would not have wanted to walk the Thailand surgery information midfield without them. Im doing the group thing as feel better knowing someone from their company is with me you know in case I do something after surgery I shouldn't lol
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