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    Tummy tuck and Breast lift/ Reduction
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    Dr Greg McDermant, Date 9th December
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    Height 155cm 68kg and trying to loose more. bra size DD-E but droopy
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  1. just had mine done via a home whiting kit i bought at phuket international hospital. happy with the results and it looks really natural. they gave me 3 different strengths of solution and i just do it every night or every second night if they feel a bit sensitive.
  2. I had an anchor lift 19 mths ago and loving it still. Scars are no worries, mine are not real visible and they are very neat and clean. Even if you do sunbath I would not stress but I don't recommend you expose the scars to too much sun as I have herd it can darken them but that may depend or the pigment in the skin already.
  3. I have some at 9 mths PO on my profile. but i must say as time goes by they just get fainter. Your only going to have issues years later if you put on substantial weight.
  4. thanks ladies.. ill contact them as soon as i confirm where i am staying.
  5. Hi everyone, Ill be off to Phuket in september and im look for recomendations for a good dentist to get my teeth whitened and some repairs and implants for my hubby? any suggestions and your experience would be appreciated. TIA jenny
  6. this time last year i was 1 week out. i still remember the excitement. it will be sooooo worth it.
  7. looking gooood. great results.you must be so pleased.
  8. Hi Rebel, yes still very happy. still look daily and am amazed by how good i feel and i think ,Look. i would totally recommend him. Lindloo03 will approve friendship. Jaddles thanks for that info, i did wonder how you wer doing. gled to see your happy with the outcome.
  9. Hey Jaddles, just having a quick read of your info and i see you've had to have a couple of revisions. whats a capsulectomy?
  10. hi again, went today to see my surgeon. Have had a small lump above my BB ever since op but recently found it was a bit sore and poking out. DR thinks it may be a small hernia and if it bothers me he'll fix it, but I dont think i want to manke the c=scar around BB any more visible as I'm happy in a bikini now. so ill leave it for now. other then that all good.
  11. Hi Kazdears I had TT 10 mths ago and found incontinence improved after op however it has gradually returned as everything settled but not as bad as it used to be at all.
  12. Dear friends, I have just been in and made my photos available for friends to see. I have also just added the last four photos I took at 9 months PO. I remember when I was researching I couldn't find any photos that were that far after the op and i really wanted to see some older scars. I am very happy with the long term results, very happy with how I have healed and very happy to report I have not gained weight either. I am still trying to loose more but I must admit that my diet while healthy is including some of the naughties that stop me form loosing any more. For those of you st
  13. Hi again Button, If you go to my profile, look under the face on the left had side athere is a list of things. if you click on gallery there you will see my pictures. hope you find them.
  14. Hi Button, I have sent you a friend request but you will need to approve me before you can see any pictures. Best of luck with the future surgery. amazing weight loss.. congtatulations.. Jenny
  15. I could have driven at 2 weeks, but i waited till 3 weeks just to be more confident. I healed really quick.
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