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    Breast augmentation on the 19th of Feb 2014
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    Feb 2014, dr szalay Brisbane
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    165cm/ 56kgs/ 10B
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    My family, shopping and dining out

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  1. I used dr szalay, call 9 in the morning or after 1pm is my recommendation. Yep his bedside manner sucks but hes great at boobs and i love my new boobs
  2. I'm 56kg's and 164cm and love my 350's :-) im now a 10DD :-)
  3. I'm very open about having fake boobies but no one has asked me outright tho. I haven't found any nice low cut tops to show them off tho
  4. I'm also a dr szalay girl!! Super happy with my results! Happy for you to send me a FR :-) mine cost $7200
  5. I've had 3 operations (that's weren't plastic surgey related) and had GA with them, I spewed all 3 times within a few hours of waking up and felt knocked about for a day or 2. i had twilight for my BA, and it was great. Was out the whole operation and woke up groggy but felt good after a good snooze at home and no spewing... Yay :-)
  6. Fixed will mean extra fees if you want to pay it out earlier but you know what your payments will always be. variable means after the 1st year no additional fees for extra repayments and you can pay it out earlier- so you'll pay less interest- also if you do make extra repayments you'll have a redraw facility that you can always draw in if times get tough. i write loans. I prefer variable for small amounts as repayments are already low so additional payments aren't usually a struggle :-)
  7. Mine have settled at a 10DD or 12D they don't look huge but they are now big enough to fill clothes :-)
  8. Also by skipping mac credit and going straight to anz I only had a $150 loan approval fee that was financed into the loan, nothing required upfront
  9. I did a personal loan through anz online. It was approved within the hour and had the money the next day. Interest is 12.4% i choose a variable loan so I can pay it off earlier
  10. I can't see anything about you that pokes out as needing fixing. If you do go nose just don't go too small, guys with small noses can't look odd. how do you get a smaller face? Actually curious lol
  11. Im a dr szalay girl... Super happy with my result! I got exactly what I wanted :-)
  12. I was a 10b but could fit 10c. I got 350cc round overs and fit a 10dd well. If you are going somewhat under you may lose some cc's. So maybe 375cc's?
  13. Omg I'm hooked on this train wreck of a show. jackie- maybe a real psyhic but seriously stop going on about your rock star husband- ppl only know Daniel johns lol chyka- like her lydia- air head much?? Seriously does she think before she try's to sound smart? janet- like her but she's 50 going on 20... It's awkward to watch gina- has a bitchy side but just tells it how it is so she have my vote! andrea- what a joke!! She is a ***** to her help at home and she is writing a book to help all mums? Seriously? I think the Botox has gotten into her brain!
  14. I'm now like 2 months- 9 weeks my incisions are healed, do you think I can start using it?
  15. I have 350cc, but overs. I love my boobies. I can get the ladies out and show them off when I want but on a normal day to day basis they sit nicely under a top looking like normal boobs... They definitely don't look huge under work shirts of anything
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