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    BA - pre-op deflated 10c hoping for a 10DD post-op? 300 or 320cc, dual plane, round HP.
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    Mark Ashton - 16 July 2013!
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    162cms, 59kgs

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  1. Hi thirtythree - FR accepted :) I havent been measured for a bra yet post op sorry! I think roughly I will be a DD/E though. My Dr told me as a very rough guide, 100cc=1 cup size. Have you made rice sizers? He suggested I make some and take them to myer and try on proper underwire bras with the sizers in to get an estimate of what my cup size might be (bc I was concerned Id be huge). I am really happy with my size though :) feel free to look at my pics, there is one comparing pre op to post op, I still have to add a few more.