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    Planning for a BA September 2013 to get back to the D-DD I had 3 breastfed Children and 30kgs lost ago :D
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  1. Yep, that's my new girls and thanks, i'm loving them!
  2. I had normal BA, 550cc HP Round overs. Was $115,000thb plus an extra I think $200AU while I was over there for the extra 50cc. Up to 500cc is included. I did have drains. I stayed in hospy 1 night and the drains were removed first thing in the morning. We stayed in Phuket for 10days. 15 days would be awesome!!
  3. He is a fantastic surgeon hun. You will be in great hands with him. I showed him some pics of what I liked and he knew exactly what I needed to get it. I could not be happier. He's very thorough and easy to talk to and so gentle! I had crease incision so can't help with that.
  4. They will "drop" more, yes. Though it's hard to explain. It's not really a dropping in placement it's more like the silicone sort of drops more into the bottom of the pocket so that the bottom fills out more and takes on a more natural appearance. I felt like mine were about done by 5weeks. I don't feel like they got saggier if that helps, hahaha.
  5. Agree with Don. They're actually starting to become illegal. Why not just spray tan?
  6. I know that some people do and have different outcomes ie. not much change to breasts afterwards or completely opposite. I wouldn't myself, which is why I waited until I was done having children. I didn't spend all that money on new boobs to have the possibility of wrecking them again.
  7. Hi Larnie We are exact same stats and I have a broad chest aswell. Broad shoulders and wide rib cage. My PS said I had a "wide frame" LOL. I wear size 10 clothes though so i'm not overweight. I was a saggy b-c pre-op after breastfeeding 3 kids and also losing over 30kg. I was borderline needing a lift. 2 PS said I needed a lift and 3 others said no lift just a larger implant. I wanted larger implants anyway My PS said I had about 250cc worth of natural breast tissue and I also have thick skin so I was a good candidate for overs. I had Mentor 550cc textured overs with crease incisions and they are amazing. I couldn't have asked for better results. So so happy with how they look now and wonder what they would have looked like had I actually had the lift because I think my nips would be poking me in the eyes, LOL. The 550cc sounds scary but honestly, they are a perfect size for our frame trust me. big but not too big at all. FR me if you like
  8. I had these ones: http://www.zodee.com.au/p36365-carefix-anna-postoperative-zip-front-bra#.Unl6RxAy11M So super comfy!!
  9. You would save yourself the agency fee hun. I think mine was $350 at the time but I believe they've now gone up to around $500?? I could be wrong though. I believe the actual procedure costs are the same
  10. I had this exact same feeling in my left breast Brittaz. It was pretty much gone around week4 so I assume it's just them healing at different rates and nothing to worry about
  11. I went through CMT and had Dr Narupon at PIAC. The hospital and surgeon were amazing. I cannot recommend them enough. However if I was to do it again I would book straight through PIAC and skip the agency. I don't feel like they really did anything for me at all and I found my consultant to be quite blunt and unfriendly. It was easier to source my own answers to my questions on some occasions and I was given incorrect information on several instances. I also waited almost a month for anyone to even contact me after surgery to see how I was doing and even then it was really only to ask for a review. In my opinion the only advantage to using them would be if you wanted to do a group tour, needed their paying off scheme or were getting a really good package including accommodation. None of which I actually needed. If you were to go through them I would ask for Emily (she is lovely and friendly) or I hear Dayna is also good. All the best
  12. CC can happen with either placements. I don't think it has been proven to be more common with overs either. My2staffords, I have overs and am similar stats to you. They are very natural looking. My PS said I had enough breast tissue and skin thickness for overs and that if I went unders/dual I would end up with snoopy boobs. I can't see or feel the implant edges at all. Do you have a little bit of sag?? I was originally recommended unders until my PS actually saw them in person. I think if you have enough tissue and skin thickness than overs are a more desirable option to give that bit of lift.
  13. How are you doing now Gumnut?? I hope you're being looked after and it's all under control now.
  14. Oh gosh Gumnut, I hope you get this sorted ASAP. How scary for you. I don't understand this at all. Were you discharged from the hospital with the drains still in?? Can't believe you haven't heard back from Moira either She is a nurse isn't she? I would have thought she would have had this all sorted for you by now Best of luck today and hope you can get some answers. I found PIAC to be amazing myself. I wish you were having the same experience. HUGS!
  15. I'm 165cm and 67kg and went 550cc overs. They're big but they are perfect for my frame....love them!!
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