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  1. I started massaging mine after about 3 weeks, when all of the stitches were out and the wounds were closed up. Dont worry too much, It makes sense that one is more swollen than the other. One of mine dropped a bit quicker then the other I was worried about that but they're good now. Oh don't worry about stress, I was in tears one day because i was massaging and heard this popping noise, I freaked out and rang the nurse in tears and she said not to worry cos it was only fluid reabsorbing into my body haha whoops!! I remember feeling soooo sleepy after the surgery and my boyfriend drove me home and i was propped up in the car (sleeping) with pillow and blanket, then for the rest of the week i just bummed around the house and in bed in my pjs and took those amazing drugs which made me feel like i was on cloud 9! hahaha, I wish I could do it again! On my 3 day post op visit I was falling asleep in Dr T's waiting room cos i'de taken a pill about 30 minutes prior...lol, good times!