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  1. Hi Kiki glad you're loving your boobs now - but I missed the revision story, did you have complications with the initial surgery? XX And hi Silvia and asb96u glad you're both up and about 1 week post op! Hope someone's running around looking after you guys and making you feel special - and what better way to spend your free time than look at boobs Guys, let me know if my photos are working - one of the other girls said they weren't opening? XX
  2. Hey guys, I haven't been on this in ages - but I keep my profile up for any newbies going through the same thing. If i can help ease your worries even a teensy bit - I'm happy. I have pre op and updated post op pics and photo's of the hospital room in my gallery. I also have a thread of my overseas surgery experience from July 4 2013 detailing as much as I could in the character limit I went through recovery with a friend who had unders, so i can offer a comparison of our surgeries/recovery. Hope you're all doing well, pre and post op girls B NB: I know everyone seems to be getting breast augmentations these days and there's a lot of success stories infiltrating our research, but I went into this surgery prepared to be a warning for other girls too. I decided I would give my perspective either way, if I were to be one of the 1% of surgeries arising in "complications" (be it minor or potentially major). I count myself very lucky to have had a smooth procedure and recovery. Have a good think and consider all possibilities XX
  3. Hey Boobs Please, just FR'd you to see my pics. Love my 275/300's and fitting one of my old C cup bras, but technically I'm at least a D cup now, nice and full and round! Yayyy When's your op? XX
  4. I went on an elephant about 9 days post op, and I've heard of girls who've gone on speedboats a couple of days post op - but the Phi Phi Islands trip we did before my surgery was on a large boat, http://www.phuket.com/tours/phiphi/pp_express.htm A bit bumpy in bad weather but better than a speedboat at least XX
  5. I'm going to say it: this massaging business. It's a bit of a pain!
  6. Oh! I hadn't seen this post! So glad everything went well - ignore the private message I sent you!
  7. And Elle_!:Thanks for the FR and for taking the time to read I appreciate the feedback too! I ended up having to edit my story down 3 times because I kept going over the word limit! Was a pain, but I condensed it! Hopefully it still makes sense XX
  8. You said it! And I can't believe the how different our hospital experiences were either! That actually sounds like a good deal with the follow up appointments, I've only got contact through email and forking out another $800 for a plane ticket if I want to see my doc! I'm happy to divulge costs, I booked through Dr V directly (info@drvcosmetic.com) and was quoted $4488-$5565 for Dual Plane with Rounds or Teardrops (incl. all hospital fees, meds, appointments, scar cream), ended up getting Over the Muscle Rounds for $3974 + credit card fees of about....$400 (will check receipts tonight!) Flights (purchased 2 months before) $884 each Travel Insurance $75 (Insure and Go) Passport $238 (so that's $1700 before I even get to Thailand!) Accommodation estimated $1000 but ended up being $700 total (after Mercure Phuket Deevana $498 for first 8 nights then got a good deal at a friend's hotel The Allano for $211 for 10 nights) Spendings somehow had $50 left from our combined $7000 we took! (so spent $2500 - BA costs, even with careful budgeting! Hoped I'd be left with about $700 to my name, but this was not the case!!) All up I spent $6579 + the $500 pay I received while in Thailand and subsequently spent. So pretty good considering I got in my first overseas trip, 19 days holiday and boobs to boot - but definitely not a financial commitment to be taken lightly! Hope this helps others making the decision! I have to say, glad I did it too Katems! XX
  9. Hey Laura, I applaud you being able to say you have clinical depression, even if it's just to us gals on PSF - and I'd like to think I know a bit about it as my little sister has been going through similar problem the past 6 years. As much as I don't want to promote getting your boobs done for the sake of getting your boobs done, to me it sounds like you're getting cold feet about having your boyfriend share the experience with you, rather than getting the BA I like Indie's idea: take your mum or a friend instead The boobs can be just for you, and the boyfriend sounds like an issue that will take some dealing with over time. Obviously breaking up with someone because a forum told you to isn't a great reason, but you said it yourself that you feel like "it might be better if he didn't come at all". You don't want him with you for this big change in your life (the sexually distant thing sounds a bit dodgy too), so maybe you should think about what is important to you and whether he fits in with it or not. We've all been through the doubting faze of BA's so I'm sure everyone's got something to say about that, but the boyfriend part is tricky and a very personal call to make. Is it cool if I FR you? Would like to know how you go XX
  10. was it really 15 times a DAY, Starbright?? I thought that's what he said, 5 times a day for the first week, then after that 15 times" and after the consult I was like, 'surely he meant 15 times a week not a day??" Mine are lucky enough to be pretty soft but not taking any chances and trying to do massages morning and night. Just pushing into the tight areas. XX
  11. Thanks for your writing up your experience Jados And I'm glad you're feeling well enough to write and have your family for support, I'm sure you'll be up and about in no time with overs! XX
  12. Wow! The last day of July - that went so quickly! Sort of feel a bit nostalgic! I hope everyone loves their new boobies And good luck Rilette! I hope you have a smooth recovery to get in some quality time with your hubby and kids XX
  13. Thanks for the messages Jados: The dual plane thing: Dr V originally recommended I go Round of Tear Drop Dual Plane just from photos over email, but when I wanted to get the upper pole fullness of Rounds (which meant going smaller than the 400cc's he was recommending to get a D/DD cup) and he tested my upper breast tissue which was 2.5cm thickness on both sides and said I could cover overs as to not sacrifice cc's if I went dual plane. All in all, happy with result - and less pain! Olive: Accepted your FR Holly: Been slack catching up with the rest of you july gals! But just read on the July page that you managed to fit in a Phi Phi Islands trip - I'm so glad It's horrible your BA was worse than we all expected and I can't understand why Dr V wouldn't give the same amount of his time to every patient, no matter if they booked through him or the hospital? All I can say is, he's a busy guy, and I barely saw much of him even at the post op appointments, and didn't get to say a proper good bye! Felt a bit unresolved, but otherwise I'm happy I chose him
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