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    Hoping to have a breast augmentation
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    Dr Rushapol 18th March 2014
  1. Tomorrow is the big day!!! I'm starting to get super nervous/excited/scared I can't believe it is happening!
  2. Spoke with my tour group manager today and that was one thing she said to do before I leave next Saturday is to remove arcylic nails and nail polish and fake tan scrubbed off hope that helps
  3. I'm two weeks out hand still haven't told my mum!!! I keep avoiding it!!!! Ahhh really need to tell her!!!
  4. Ohh how exciting chaza1991 I have my surgery on the 18th the day after you we should meet up for lunch or a dinner or something!
  5. Nessy thank you so much for all that information! It's very much appreciated. I'm heading on a group tour so I can't really plan to far ahead but now I have a few more ideas of what to do over there. I can't believe I'm three weeks out now starting to get really excited/nervous
  6. I don't think it has fully hit me yet, I should start getting stuff together ready for my trip but like usual I will probably wait until the last min. Last time I went on holidays I packed and unpacked 6 times in 1 day lol.
  7. I will be having surgery with Dr Rushapol on the 18th of March a girl I worked with had a BA with him last year and she said he is really nice and the results are amazing
  8. When are you going? I'll be having my BA with Dr Rushapol also on the 18th so excited.
  9. Thank you both I have heard Phi-phi island is amazing also want to visit the tigers, I'm arriving on the 15th March and go in for my BA on the 18th and will be leaving on the 27th of March that would be awesome to catch up for lunch or dinner at some stage hopefully we all have a good recovery. I'm staying at the Banthai Beach Resort & Spa in Patong.
  10. Hmmm may have to go shopping tomorrow to get me some. Also need to try find some loose tops that I can step into.
  11. Hi everyone, only a month out until I fly out to Phuket for a BA with Dr Rushapol at PIAC. I'm so excited and can not wait for this expericience. I have two days free before my BA in Phuket and don't want to waste those days, what should I do? Also is there anything I should be doing to prepare myself for this procedure? And what should I be packing? Thanks for any input, it's greatly appreciated.
  12. I've booked in on a group tour through Somnio as my partner couldn't get time off work to come with me, starting to get super excited 31 sleeps until I fly to Phuket!!! I choose the group tour so I have a tour manager to help out when required and get to meet other ladies in the same situation as myself. We all meet down in Brisbane and fly over together. So maybe a group tour with a Medical Holiday company could also be another option for you
  13. Ohhh how exciting, best wishes! can't wait another month and a half! How exciting.
  14. Very happy I went and got my shots then, better to be safe then sorry. You never know what could happen. I had a tetanus booster in 2012 so I think I'm fine for that also. Now need to start worrying about what to pack.
  15. Just went to the doctors today for my shots I'm also heading to Phuket in March, they recommend you have your Hep A and also Typhoid (it's a two in one needle which costs about $130 but can claim on private health insurance) they also said get the Hep B shot also but I already had that one ages ago. When are you heading to Phuket?
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