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    Breast Augmentation - 350cc Dual Plane HP Mentor left and right
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    Dr Piyapas Bangkok Phuket Hospital - 10th October 2013 -
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    10A ----- looking at 10D

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  1. Hi missyxo, Thank you Yeh I went to see my GP and she referred me to have an ultrasound, after the suspicion of the irregular lesion I then had a mammogram and core biopsy done to confirm it.
  2. Hi TheFox, I found a small lump just under my under arms, measuring 1.4 to 1.2 cm, it was a hard solid lump and a slight pain if I pressed on it hard enough. My Cancer started from the milk ducts, so basically the whole upper quadrant of the breast would need to be removed, hence I am considering a Mastectomy. I had no symptoms, feeling pretty normal. xx
  3. Hi girls, Feeling overwhelmed! I'm located in Sydney and I appreciate all your recommendations Thanks for your all your kind words, definitely feeling the support here Its only the beginning and a rough road ahead but I will battle this fight and kick cancer in the butt! oxxo
  4. Hi Girls, I haven't posted on here for a WHILE now actually, but I would like to share my feelings/experience. Its only been 9 months since I have these babies and I love them, they are perfect size for my body and feels so soft and natural. Unfortunately I am no longer going to be able to have these babies anymore. Recently I have been diagnose with breast cancer, BUT on the up side of things because I have stretch my A cups to a D cups now that I will be have a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery, hopefully the D cups will remain the same ><. (if anyone knows of anybody who have gone through Breast Augmentation then diagnose with Breast Cancer shed some light). I personally don't think the Cancer was caused by my Breast Augmentation, but what I do know is I don't have any Breast Cancer history in my family besides Colin Cancer - which was my grand-mothers sister. I do however stress the fact that all women should really know your own body and have your regular check ups for a peace of mind. I am only 27 and was told that it is really rare for younger women to have Breast Cancer but I guess it was just my luck. Apparently the Cancer could of been there for more than a year! So I am a little confused as to if I was checked for Breast Cancer prior to having the surgery. (Please have a mammogram done prior to you Breast Augmentation). Anyways, I not here to write a sob story but more to give all you lovely ladies a heads up on checking yourself prior to your surgery xx
  5. I have pics if your interested send me a FR, I'm 7 weeks post op.
  6. Thanks love!! I'm sure yours will turn out beautiful
  7. Lol I was so under weight a year ago, only 46 kilos, I've gained 9 kilo since.
  8. Hi Girls, Sorry I have been so lazy, but I have my BA since 10 October 2013 almost 2 months post op, and have uploaded some progress shots for you. Please send FR if you would like to view them. I have already posted a thread of my experience under Overseas surgeries! oxoxo
  9. Thanks dee envy!! Can't wait till they drop!
  10. Hi ladies, Finally have the time to share my experience with all of you. 2 more days before I head back to Australia Im currently 12 days post op and feeling fabbbb! My op day was on 10th October at Bangkok Phuket Hospital with Dr Piyapas. for my consultation I was told the biggest I could fit with the width of my frame would be 350cc High Profile or 300cc Mod Plus but I wanted at least a D cup so I opt for 350cc High Profile. Everything went smoothing sailing, did my blood test, blood pressure test, scans and all, oh by the way I had to pause my period as we'll just in case so I took primolut. Thanks to mumO5!! Meet with Dr P at 7.30am, final checks to make sure I was happy with the size and the op was at 10.30am where I was wheeled to the surgery room, my nerves were kicking in at this point I couldn't believe that it was all happening. I woke up at about 1.30pm, in painnnnn. Tight chest, nausea, slurring (trying to ask for pain killers haha) The feeling was horrible and I needed to PEE omg the nurse put a bowl underneath me while I was lying down on the bed lol I was so nervous and shy I couldn't even get myself to pee like that. The rest of the day I just slept, going to the toilet, I required assistance (lucky my partner was there) couldn't really wipe myself the first time lol plus had to carry the drain bottles around. Removing the drains was Theeeee worsttt feeling!! Felt like my boobs were getting ripped out! Dr P did warn me it would be a weird sensation.. But I don't want to go through that again >< oh and the weight on my chest haha, took me 4 days to get use to them, I remember thinking to myself ( why did I do this to myself? Would prefer having no boobs, this weight omg x.x) yeah I actually regretted it on day two simply because I felt so disabled haha On the third I could basically do everything on my own, no pain (just some shooting pain here and there, and help getting up, I could even put my make up on before I left the hospital on day 2). Must say I recovered pretty fast! By the 4 day I was pretty much normal, did everything. Sat on a scooter, out shopping, no pain. I brought dermatix silicone gel for scarring, Dr P gave me some silicone strips they helped so much and was told to take vitamin B complex for nerve repair. finished my antibiotics, took swelling - inflammation, pain tablets for 6 days the end results! I LOVE MY TWINS Highly recommend Dr Piyapas and Bangkok Phuket Hospital, he is gentle and great!! Makes you feel calm and comfortable, cleannnn hospital, nurses were prompt and efficient their taxi services made this journey a breeeezee. Thanks girls who helped me along the way! This forum is awesome If you have any questions feel free to pm me oxox
  11. Hahaha nice!! My Bday is the day after my BA hehe
  12. Thanks girls will keep you all updates Xx
  13. Thanks so much mumO5 !! I'm at the airport waiting for my flight to Phuket, lucky there was a pharmacy here that sold them over the counter xx
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