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    I had 275cc textured implants, under the muscle & a full Tummy Tuck.
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    160cm, 60kg and was a 10A. Now a 10D....
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  1. Hi cupcake I'm just wondering if you had dr suchart? X thanks

  2. Not sure about the implants (cause they are technically "cosmetic" not medical. However ANY medical/pharmaceutical costs as prescribed by a Dr, are all claimable.
  3. Hiya Just wanted to clarify for you, the medical "out of pocket" you are eligible to claim is not actually refundable - it's merely a tax OFFSET - which means it offsets or reduces your taxable income by a percentage of what your expenses were. The percentage of offset you are elegible to claim for, also depends on your income level also. Net medical expenses tax offset income test * * On 8 May 2012, the government announced in the 2012-13 Budget that it will income test the net medical expenses tax offset from 1*July*2012. Taxpayers with an adjusted taxable income above $84,000 for singles or $168,000 for a couple or family in 2012-13 will be affected. The family threshold will increase by $1,500 for each dependent child after the first. These taxpayers will only be able to claim a reimbursement of 10% for eligible out of pocket expenses incurred in excess of $5,000 (indexed annually). Taxpayers with an adjusted taxable income below these thresholds will be unaffected. These taxpayers will continue to be able to claim a reimbursement of 20% for net medical expenses over $2,120 (CPI indexed for 2012-13) when they lodge their tax return. So, for example, assuming you as a single person earn LESS than $84000 (or as a couple/family earn less than $168000.00) Lets say your grand TOTAL nose job expenses were $10000.00. Let's also say you got back/claimed $1000.00 from Medicare & $300.00 from your private health insurance. This means you're "out of pocket" medical expenses are now reduced to $8700. The ATO says that you have to pay the first $2120, which leaves $6580 out of pocket remaining. You can then claim an offset of 20%, of this $6580. So you will have total claimable medical expenses tax offset of $1316.00 Which basically just reduces your taxable income by $1316 - it is NOT a refundable amount to you. Hope that helps clarify things regarding what's claimable/how its worked out.
  4. YAY Rae! So glad to hear you are home in your own bed and doing well I look forward to pics too! 2.5kgs is AMAZING to have gone for good - and the 8cm repair will make the world of difference too! Congrats & happy healing! Rest up x
  5. You will NOT regret it for one second. Well, maybe on about day 2 post surgery you might be thinking "WTF have I done to MYSELF?"! But apart from that, you'll be slapping yourself for not doing it sooner!! LOL ! Honestly, I think we ALL have the same fears about not waking up, or having complications etc, and then there are those never ending "mummy guilts" about being "selfish", or about spending the money on ourselves instead of the the family, or making ourselves sick/incapacited for a few weeks while we recover or not being able to pick up little ones, keep up with the housework while we recover etc etc... And YES, its elective surgery and yes there are of course some risks as with every surgery, but the quality of life you gain AFTER the surgery and the self confidence and genuine self pride, outways ANY of the pre-surgery negative thoughts and fears, 100 to 1. You only have one life, you deserve to live it to the FULL and look forward to an amazing future!
  6. Can't help you with surgeons in Brissie - but I will tell you to just go for it!! You will not regret it for a second! I am 9 weeks post op (had TT & BA after loosing 40kgs) and I am loving the new & improved version of me! Good luck with your research & TT journey!
  7. Time flies doesn't it - 8 weeks for you now! So glad you are feeling good & back into exercise too always makes you feel better hey?!
  8. I think they look bloody awesome! If I was you I would not go any smaller! You have a great body & can definetly pull off the 375's! Whoever said no is purely jealous!
  9. Yay! Yay! Yay! Congrats on being on the flat side! So happy that all went well for you! Your drive home will be fine hun - day 3 was my worst - discomfort & depressed! So be aware you may get the post op blues! Then by this time next week you'll feel like a new woman! Can't wait to see your pics!
  10. Hi I am in Nth Qld - Mark Vucak is my plastic surgeon and he does AMAZING work! I also had my boobs done - total cost was about $20k (including anaethetist/theatre fees etc) And HONESTLY - there is very minimal "pain" at ALL. It's more discomfort & in-ability to do much in the first few days post surgery. Pain was NOT an issue at all! And the outcome is soooooo worth those few days of discomfort! Do it for yourself!!

  11. Hey babe, ur TT looks awesome.. Where did you get it done an how much? If you don't mind me asking? I would love to get one but so worried bout the pain haha

  12. Thanks so much Jessk217! Your day will be here before you know it
  13. How did you go with your consult today??
  14. If you have a recliner it certainly makes life a lot more comfortable post surgery. I spent the first week in my recliner and found I was able to sort of twist to the side a bit rather then being flat on my back. Once I got into my bed, I had a pillow that I had under my knees, so I slept with my legs kind of bent up a bit to take the strain off my belly/TT scar. After about another week or so, I was able to almost sleep on my side with the pillow between my knee's & another up almost under my breast/belly to the side. Its amazing how good you get at maneuvering your body into comfortable positions when limited by incisions! Sometimes I'd go to sleep flat on my back and wake up on my side & think "how the heck did THAT happen without hurting?"!! But it truly is ok - its more the thought of being limited and not able to move off your back, but by week 2 you are much more capable of side sleeping comfortably
  15. haha! Thanks girls! And YES Hellofeet and Orangevegie - how quickly I've changed my tune hey?! LOL Those first few days post op I never imagined that only 2 months down the track I'd be feeling so damn FANTASTIC!! My Hubby is totally stoked with my new body and my new found confidence - parading around topless in our bedroom/ensuite is something I NEVER EVER did - now I take my sweet time getting dressed & he LOVES it!! LOL! My only regret is not having my surgery years ago!! I wasted so much time hating my body when it could've been fixed so easily!! Damn it!! Not to worry, onwards & upwards now! Life is great, shopping is even greater!
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