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    BA and Lift - Surgery Date 02.05.13
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    Dr Hamish Farrow
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    165cm, 59kg, 12A/B
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    Finance and Qualified PT
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  1. Just realised I wasn't friends with you! Good luck with everything today. Wishing you all the best for today. Good luck. Very happy for you. :-)

  2. Hey how was your consult with Hamish Farrow Thanks Ange

  3. Hi Angie FR accepted :) When is your big day?

  4. Hi Mel Sending you a FR if thats ok!! Similar stats, im also getting teardrops!! very excited

  5. Thanks again Ch1ck, I will try not to stress out to much!!! lol He is so nice Hamish, and kinda cute in a Doctor way! BA HA HA HA!! Anyway what did you end up getting done? Sorry if you have alreadly shared I haven't caught up on all your posts.
  6. Hey Ch1ck. Congrats and all the best with your recovery. Its nice to hear from someone else who has used Hamish ! Im due to have surgery in 3 weeks....eekkk.....!! I have sent you a friend request hope you don't mind! Hope recovery goes well. Take care
  7. Hey Holly Thanks for the FR, yeah not many of us, I think its preferred under the muscle, but sometimes if you have the right skin and tissue etc you can go over. Im madly looking for pics etc I am freaking out as it wasn't what we had originally spoken about, but my PS assures me he thinks its best for me to overs for my slight sagg and to because I am also fairly athletic. All the best for your op. Im the day after you. What your measurements if you don't mind be asking... do you have much to begin with ? Im a very deflated b, I fit into A as well so somewhere in-between ,...lol... I have found a few others on here who have had overs, they sound very happy !! :)
  8. Hi Ladies, Thanks for all kind advice!!! Well met again with Mr Farrow again and he now says OVERS!! Teardrop Brazilians 360MD, omg! I guess I was shocked at first cos I thought I was having unders, but because I need a slight lift I need to fill my emptiness with something! He said I have plenty of tissue and muscle to allow going over. The cc are bigger than I had planned, but I think I have to do this cos my BWD is 15 I think I am quite broad, 5.6 and 59kg or something, athletic build. Any thoughts, I have been trying to find others who have similar stats! I wonder what size Im going to end up!!! lol And I so hope I get the perkiness I want without a to fake look, anything has to be better than my saggy pair thou ...lol,.,,,,
  9. Hi angiep, ive actually had my surgery, it was done on the 28th of March so i'm on the recovery road now day 10 post-op. I was actually glad wheni found a surgeon who would do overs on me as i didnt have much breast tissue but i do workout a lot. A common problem with unders and exercise is you are limited what you can do as the constant muscle movement tends to push the implant sidewards and you end up with a huge gap which looks awful. So i would be happy if your going overs :D I went 370cc XHP tear drop overs and am soo happy with the size they are perfect for my body. If you didnt know i had a boob job you wouldnt know they are fake, very natural which is what i wanted :D was a small 10B to start

  10. FR accepted, cheers.

  11. Hi Rochelle, I thought I would a msg, hope you dont mind. I see you booked in for surgery soon for overs. Im having overs too, Doctor suggested it would be better for me, even though I was set on unders :(. Anyway let me know how you go? What size you going? Do you have much to start with? Good Luck

  12. Hi Ladies, did any of you have your tear drops placed over the muscle? Saw Dr Farrow today and he suggested it would suit me better due to the saggy boobs I have! Any feedback would be great
  13. Hi Need help !! Just went to see my Dr Farrow today to confirm everything for the 02.05.13 . He has changed his idea for me, and says teardrop Brazilian over will suit me better. Im so confused, I have always been told unders are better....??? Please anyone thoughts? He says for me cos I have sag and for them to have a perky look overs teardrop will work out better then rounds...AHHHHHHH ...Im stressing now.
  14. Maryvale with Hamish Farrow , what about you? Have you chosen size etc, I cant believe how quick its come, I keep reading the post op experiences, im going to have to stop I thinking im making myself worry!
  15. Hi angie :) i am happy with my size! I was tossing up between 250 and 300, decided on the 300 after my surgeon showed me a 50cc implant, it was so tiny. I think you just need to decide if youd be happier ending up a little bit too big, or a little bit too small. Have you made rice sizers? I had a fair bit to start with but it wasnt in the best "shape". I feel that the 300 gave me the fullness I wanted without being too big as I started off as a C. Thanks for your kind wishes, my recovery has been a breeze really im still waiting for the pain Im supposed to feel... 4 weeks to go, how exciting!! I got so nervous leading up to my day but it was really all for nothing now its over :)

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