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    I am interested in Rhinoplasty. Looking for a good Rhinoplasty surgeon in Melbourne.

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  1. Hi ronaldo9, Just thought I'd let you know that I have my first consult with Perry Burstin today for a rhinoplasty. Consult fee is $190 and I will get a Medicare rebate of $72. I will let you know how I go with him Nora.
  2. Hi all, just thought I'd let you know that I've got my first consult with Mr Perry Burstin today and I am super nervous but also excited! Will keep you posted Ps- Thanks Shine for sharing your experience Nora xoxo
  3. Thanks Revise. Yeah, I don't think I've heard a bad word about AG yet. He seems to be the star surgeon. I'd love to go with him, just a little worried about the price. Most ppl I've spoken to who have had initial rhinoplasty with him have been charged around the 10k-15k mark. I guess yours was cheaper because it was revision? I'm going to see Perry Burstin in October, I'll see what he says. I guess if I don't feel comfortable with him I'll book in to see AG and hold my breath for the quote lol. Thanks again. Nora. X
  4. Hi Brittney, Do you mind if I ask who you ended up going with? Also, can I ask how much Tony Holmes quoted? Thanks, Nora. X
  5. Hi MissBlue, I was wondering how you went with your rhinoplasty (if you booked already?). Have you done it yet? And if so, who did you book with? I've heard great things about AG, but heard he is rather expensive 10k-15k.. Did you end up finding out what Tony Holmes charges? Looking forward to your reply. Nora. X
  6. Thank you Shine and Mikk.. I will definitely look into those surgeons. Mikk, that is a fantastic price! I'm saving up but if that's around about how much it would cost with Burstin I can go in asap! My only prob is I don't think I have any internal problems (me thinks anyway), so I think it would be cosmetic, therefore don't think medicare and health insurance would rebate much :-/ But still, 6k is still a lot cheaper than what I've heard plastic surgeons like AG charge (though I've heard nothing but good things about AG). Thanks again guys :-) Nora xo
  7. Hi all, I'm kind of a newbie and very confused. I was initially looking at seeing Andrew Greensmith for rhinoplasty thanks to the lovely people on this forum who have kindly shared their wonderful experiences. I have heard nothing but good things about him. However, I have also come to the realisation that perhaps I cannot afford him as his prices are quite steep (from what I have heard from his patients that I have spoken to). Therefore, I am now looking at the option of ENT surgeons. Is this a bad avenue to pursue? Has anyone had a cosmetic rhinoplasty procedure done with an ENT surgeon i
  8. Hi Sukii, thank you for posting that. It was interesting to read as I went to see Dr Kalus for my first ever consult with a PS and I left feeling a little disappointed as I felt he rushed me and didn't really give me an opportunity to ask him the questions that I wanted to ask him. I have a few concerns with my nose and I felt like he didn't really address those and sort of brushed me off with a 'I know what I'm doing, don't worry I'll fix whatever needs to be fixed' sort of attitude without actually listening to me to know what it was that I wanted. But perhaps after what you have said I m
  9. Hi lotus222, thank you for your descriptive posts. I am wanting to see Dr Andrew Greensmith also. Can you please send b & a pics if it's ok? sn.bayani@hotmail.com. Also, you mentioned it cost you $10,500, how much of that did your health fund cover? Thank you :-) Nora.
  10. Hi lotus222, Did you go with Dr Andrew Greensmith also? I am thinking of going with him. So scared. Were you happy with him?
  11. Hi Sukii, Who did you have your nose done with?
  12. Hi Vanessa84, thank you for your useful post. I am just wondering how you went with Dr Stuart Lee at the Austin?
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