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  1. hey missaimeegilchrist! out of hospital now day 2 post op, feeling better than yesterday, still in bed at the moment but feels like I have a lot less pain then yesterday and haven't had my pain meds yet! when you get your drains out you'll feel much better! every time I stand up they feel like there going to fall out of my incisions lol! and they keep making gurgling sounds when I move! (from the fluid) they are also all numb and still swollen but loving them so far, just can't wait till they settle and drop! might post some pics soon, hope you are doing well! keep us updated and GOODLUCK to the girls having surgeries! xx
  2. thank you, oh I am sooo excited!! it has come so fast it's scary! but will definitely keep updating on here, might post a blog or something :-)

  3. I see that you are getting your boobs done in just over a week! Hope all goes well :) I bet you're super excited!

  4. yeah I've heard about central festival! is that near PIAC? because I looked on google maps and it looked as if it was! thanks heaps for all your advice girls really helps! I just went to Bali in November last year and by the end I was a skilled bargainer so hopefully it's similar in Thailand haha!
  5. hi ladies! so me and my sister fly out in 3 weeks today to Thailand for our BA's! ahhhh so exciting :-) was just wondering on where to shop in Phuket as that's the only thing we will probably be doing besides relaxing haha! does anyone have suggestions of good mall, markets shops.. etc I would REALLY like a new pair of nike frees or something similar for the gym I've heard there cheap over there but have no idea where to get them? any one have any ideas? thanks!!
  6. I know a girl that went by herself with restored beauty getaways, the nurses and that at the hospital will help you when your there, but I don't think you should get that stressed about it, everyone's pain and recovery is different and there are so many girls that go by themselves and stay at a hotel by themselves and everything!! at least you have each other! you can't shower properly for the first couple of days anyway I don't think? just don't wash your hair and go to a salon and get it washed so you don't have to reach up and do it! or just take baths if you can so you don't have to reach down etc.. me and my sister are getting ours done the same day as you guys at PIAC don't know if that's the same one your going to?
  7. good on you babe! im sure youll do amazing as a personal trainer have started my meal plan today before my BA in august! excited to see some results thanks heaps for putting this up!
  8. hey Amelia did you use the cre8 carnage when you followed the diet plan? I'm happy with my weight just want to tone up mostly in my legs and Tummy, do you feel that it's worth it? thanks
  9. I think most of us are BA cass but you are welcome to be on here! there are so many good stories on here about surgeries just search lipo an I'm sure you'll find one Hun :-)
  10. going to be so many new big boobies in August haha :-)
  11. omg that is so true! ew! I don't even want to go near those pools now :-/ I wasn't planning on swimming just sort of dipping in the pool without getting my Boobs or incisions wet, but now thinking about that don't want to go near them haha! thanks for all your help ladies!
  12. does everyone normally get disolvable stitches? but that's good! I wanted to be able to go in a pool just to relax at least haha
  13. okay thanks heaps all for your advice! think we will leave it :-/ which sucks because we have one day before surgery and we have our consultation that day! oh well maybe next time
  14. hi girls! so me and my sister are due for our BA in Thailand in August and we have been wondering about swimming! I know your obviously not allowed to swim or shower until your stitches are out, but we really want to go to phi phi island whilst were over there, we are over there for 9 days after surgery, does anyone know or has anyone done snorkeling after having there BA! thanks
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