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    Surgery in Sydney :)
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    Breast augmentation with dr Miroshnik. I was a 10a/aa and now I'm a 10DD I had slimed 315cc furry brazillian tear drop implants with dual plane placement and I loveeeee them!!! <3
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    Dr Miroshnik 1st August 2013
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    178cm tall and 58kg
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  1. Hey! Yes they are the Brazilians are a type of textured implant I believe. I was super Lucky it only took a couple weeks but mine arent giant either haha well they are big compared to what I had but not like some. I went for a walk that night and out to dinner! and shopping the next few days after before I flew more. I have an amazing boyfriend who looked after me and kept me on top of my meds so was really not in that much pain! also all the nurses were so wonderful and the anethesist was incredible I didn't feel sick at all (which I always do) made me so comphy and yeah meant to be state of the art technology so what he uses is the best (I'm not very good at explaining it) their an awesome team one day I will get around to writing my story up haha but I haven't yet xx
  2. Big red


    Veve bikinis look hot hehe
  3. I got teardrops with dr M and have really good side boob now aswell haha I started with nothing so without a bra they sit very natural an with a bra I get awesome looking boobs. I found when deciding between those two surgeons (as this was my debate too) that Miroshnik has mastered the natural look better then Tavakoli his seem a little more fake looking and also dr T offered me a discount if I book that month which reallllyyy put me off as I figure if someone is so amazing (which is still is) but why are they offering discounts that was just how I looked at it. I an super glad I booked with dr M and couldn't be happier was the best choice for me! It's not about what others think you need to make that choice for you! Who do you prefer, what looks do you prefer!?
  4. Hey girls I have furrys from Miroshnik tear drops and love them so natural you can't tell unless you knew what I had or didn't have before if anyone wants to check them out send me a FR I don't mind also couldn't recommended Miroshnik high enough he's an amazing surgeon and he does the best natural boobies also the girls their are helpful someone mentioned Kate I had a lump in my boob (turned out to be a swollen gland) and she was so super helpful
  5. yeah depends what your surgeon says i needed tear drops (wanted them anyway) as i started with nothing pretty much... they would look to fake been rounds and i wanted a natural look, so depends what you have and what you want to achieve.
  6. Hi Giggle_juice89 (haha love the name!) i am 178cm tall and weigh 57kg so pretty much the same as you. I was a small 10A cup before surgery and had 315ml furry brazilians dual plane and now im a 10DD they arent huge but they are perfct for my size (i havent had kids though)
  7. Hey hun, I have teardrops but with dr miroshnik... Agreed with the other girls trust your surgeon. But I knew I wanted a more natural look and with looking at heaps of pictures I thought tear drops were a better shape for what I wanted so I had already made up my mind about placement, shape and size and he confirmed all three so I was on the rite track! do your research xx
  8. Congratulations hun!! How exciting!
  9. Oh and dr m is constantly in media and all thru magazines ? hehe
  10. Dr Tavakoli is amazing, him and Dr Miroshnik are the two best in Sydney I went with Miroshnik for a few reasons tavakoli a offices weren't as professional and Miroshnik was sooo nice and apparently tavakoli doesn't talk much or community what's going on very well even though he is good at what he does... Also Miroshnik does natural tear drops better if you compare their websites tavakolis look more round and for the look that I wanted m's were more to my liking... But that's my opinion dr t is very good at what he does also
  11. Hey hun I had my BA with dr Miroshnik, highly reccommend him he's amazing!! And I am 178cm and 58kg started with a A cup now I'm 10DD xx
  12. I have dual plane and still so chest and upper body either under or dual plane is more recommended for 'gym junkies' otherwise they kinda look stuck on popping off your muscles
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