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  1. I know, so crap!!! At that point I didn't even know about the word filter haha. I will try and update when I am over there :) If I can pull myself away from the shopping haha. Fingers crossed I'm ok to actually do that!!! Thanks so much for those words - I think thats what i need at this point cause I'm just getting nervous and being a wuss.. I got some panadeine forte.. I heard that I may not be able to take it into Thailand though? I emailed my agent though and she said it should be fine so I'll just take it and hope I don't get arrested!! Have you heard that you can't take them in? Not sure whether or not we can! Frustrating when I leave in 2 days and i've already got them! I didn't get any sleeping pills.. hopefully the PS over there gives them to me! I did get told by one of the girls that one of the good painkillers to ask for in Thailand is Tramadol.. I'll let you know though what the painkillers are that I get (if they have a name on them) :) xxx