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  1. Thanks hun! I just commented on your jbi thread! Happy booby day! how did it all go? How are you feeling? What size did you get? Unders/overs? Haha this is 50 questions! Sorry, I don't check this one as much as JBI so it might take a little longer for me to reply on here.. Glad you had an amazing time in Phuket - I definitely want to go there next time!! Chiang Mai was really nice, a little hard to really enjoy as I was so soon after my op.. I would definitely go back when I am not in recovery lol. I surprisingly didn't take as many photos as i thought lol. The swelling is still here a little bit, starting to wonder whether they will just be uneven forever lol. They aren't too noticeable though so its ok.. I posted 2 new pics on JBI - one of me laying down and they look massive!!! Anyway, good to read your post on JBI - glad it went well!! hope you are doing amazing!! xxx