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    TCI - Parramatta
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    Breast Augmentation
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    Dr Ali
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    168cm /60kg / pre-op 12B / post-op 12DD/E

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  1. DCPL

    Booked in!

    Hi, FR accepted If you've got any questions, I'm happy to help out
  2. I had my BA with Dr Ali at TCI last April. I couldn't be happier with my new boobs & they are still settling (yes 9 months on!!!!) Feel free to send me a FR. I have some older pics up but no current ones. Maybe I'll add some during the week..... maybe.
  3. Mine are still softening - 8 months post-op!!!! And I think they've still got a long way to go.
  4. I have a massive gap (bra-less) but I'm finding as they soften up (which they're still doing now slowly ie 8 months post-op) I can squish them together pretty close in a push-up bra. I'll never have a natural cleavage though. Bums me out sometimes but i have great side boob - can't have everything I guess. You should find that your nipples will go back to normal as you heal. They're in shock at this stage lol.
  5. I totally recommend squats too - they've done wonders for me. I think I started the 30 day squat challenge not long after my BA for that same reason of not being able to run.
  6. I've lost 8kg since my BA & it's soooo cool that my body is shrinking but not the boobs lol Loving it
  7. Yep I have pics up although I haven't updated them in a long time! I highly recommend TCI & couldn't be happier with my results
  8. Hi girls, I had my BA with Dr Ali back in April & highly recommend her. Feel free to FR me or ask any questions. I'm not on the site very often these days but I login every now & again
  9. Have you tried the calorie counter app called myfitnesspal? I've been on it since May & I've lost over 7kg - it's fabulous, as long as you stick with it. I'm more addicted to that these days than fb or this forum! Maybe try adding some strength training into your workouts. I've found that's really tightened my arms & core especially since I started a program 8 weeks ago.
  10. Oh, along with the shooting pains I still get a dull throbbing ache in both boobs right inside & along the edges near my arms too. Anyone else get this? Maybe I should make an appointment for an early 6 month check-up???
  11. I'm also 5 months post-op & I get those pains occasionally too. Mainly in my right boob which is the stubborn one! There was a thread on here not long ago about it with girls saying it's basically your body still healing. I'd find it if I had time but I don't at the mo. I'll have a looksy a little later. If you're really worried, I'd definitely see your doc again.
  12. DCPL

    what size??

    I'm 170 & was 69kg when I had my BA (I've been losing weight lately) & I have 390cc HP round unders & am measuring 12DD (E in some brands). Good luck
  13. I had my BA with Dr Ali back in April. I love my results & highly recommend Dr Ali & TCI, they're fabulous & so professional. You're in safe hands whichever surgeon you choose. Good luck
  14. Just got my delivery from BnT - woo hoo!!! Just thought I'd let all the post-op girls know that they've got heaps of great bras on sale at the mo
  15. Yeah I did - from 1 week post-op & still do, twice a day.
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