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  1. Hey yeah send me a friend request. I got mine done by Dr Vlad. Really happy with it.

  2. Thanks luvvie. I will never be in a bikini but I am much happier with what I have. Where are your pics? I had a look at your profile and I could not see any.......

  3. Jaddles I would love to see your pics for results but it does not allow me to view them. How is your TT healing going. How long do you leave siltape on for and when do you change it. Do you put anything else on the scar? I left an answer to your eyelid question on the other thread called Gripster.

  4. Glad to hear they sorted it. Not good throwing up. I am goi g well now one week post op. it was pretty bad the first four days. All the side crap like a catheter, my freaking period! Lol, drains, constipation. But I am very happy with where I am at the moment given the 7hr op and procedures I have had. It can only keep getting better! Take care xx

  5. Hey there hope all went well. I see you had issues with pain meds. Hope that sorted itself quickly. Take care!

  6. Yeah will get pics of my before off surgeon and post them. Ill take some afters.

  7. Hi girls. Gotta stay in hospital another night to let tummy drain a bit. OMG the pain is pretty bad for tummy but coughing does not hurt as much as 2 days ago. Got a sneak peak at boobs today in shower. Really happy so far even tho I had a lollipop lift the scarring doesn't bother me as you should have seen what I had to work with hehe. My eyes! I can't believe you can see my eyelashes on the upper lids. Who knew they were there. So overall pretty good. They were concerned about my blood pressure first couple of days. Super low! Thanks heaps for your support. xx

  8. Hey Jaddles. Thanks done and dusted. OMG the pain if I cough it kills my tummy. All went well. I'm in hospital til Monday. Have not gotten out of bed yet. Lol

  9. Hey hope all went well , let us know yr progress. Take care xx

  10. Hey Emma. Goodluck it will be over before you know it take care. xx

  11. Hey goodluck tomoz hope all goes well. Stay in touch! xx

  12. Hey yeah 3 more days ! Had my pre op hospital check yesterday. They said its going to be painful. The TT that is. I am getting 375cc smooth round medium profile. I am a B going to a D. I hope I like them lol if not too bad! Hmm pre op pics. I have a horrid body :( will think about it once I have my post op as I won't feel as bad hopefully :( hope you are well xx

  13. Thought we could keep each other sane while recovering :p

  14. No probs. my consult is 13 May as I am going overseas for work so cant get to him amy earlier. Have u had yr consult yet?

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