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  1. Congrats Inde well done xx
  2. Now inde dont kid yrself. You and I both know that you will still do what you do ie wish others happy bday etc. thats what you do and you know that you would feel bad not wishing them one anyway lol. You are always the best you can be! Hehe. Glad you had a good day. Im going okay. I put our house on the market last week. Sold it on six days! The first person I showed it to bought it. 850k so my now to be ex hubby and i can both exchange on our apartments and get on with our lives. Its all happened so quick. So mid jan i will be out on my own. Im looking forward to it. Still have up and down days. Im off to Dubai on Thursday then Abu Dhabi so will be a pleasant break to work elsewhere! Take care xx
  3. happy bday Inde. Okay sorry girls but yes Inde I would be pissed. I think you need to remember the little things about yr friends. What sort of world do we live in if we cant even take the time to remember a great friends birthday. Yes im harsh but thats me...my personality is to ensure I remember just to make the day that little bit more special for my friends that are worthy of it. I think its important to put time and care into friendships. Others may disagree but they prob dont have my personality type either! So nothing wrong with what everyone has said but if you do this for yr friends how hard is it to return the birthday wishes really. Hope u have had a great day xx
  4. Lol goodluck! I have a tatt on my arm the inside part of the wrist like a lot of peeps. I only got it two years ago. Um it hurt!!! Lol. I wanna get another. On my foot or something.
  5. hey you dont necessarily need scar revision if you are happy with scarring. Because its on my boobs i wanted a thinner scar so it was my choice to have revision. Lets hope these scars heal better than last! External stitches are better on me so fingers crossed. Hmm tattoo over tummy tuck scar. Would you get one all the way along??
  6. Goodluck lovely. Im sure yr sister will be really happy to see all of you together. It will be hard so take care. Thinking of you xx
  7. Yeah when I had spitting stitches so the scars spread amd are pretty wide as a resilt of the incisions not closing very well. Had the wide scar on the vertical cut out and restitched with external stitches. Get them out in ten days. Have to say holy hell batman the locals have worn off now and it is freaking hurting. Like a paper cut times a million lol. Not good. The things we do.
  8. Hey glad you had a good time. All rested I hope. Nice feet btw hehe. You should have got a pedi while there cheap as! Or did you. If so soz lol. I had my scar revision today on my vertical scars from lollipop lift. Bloody sore. I cant imagine the pain i went thru for all my other surgery. How easy we forgot. Well take care hope yr rash goes away soon. xx
  9. Hey I had mod profile unders 370cc. Had mine done 5 mths ago and mine have dropped heaps. Too much really but they still look okay.
  10. Size 18 down to a 12. Well done. Remember that. You have achieved what a lot cannot do including muself! Ignore that idiot. They dont deserve theenergy you are using to dwell on it. Trust me xx
  11. tummytime how did u lose yr weight. Congrats on the 90kg too salli. Goodluck
  12. Yes I have changed my password! There is one that interests me however he said he is too scared to get into anything serious as he was burnt badly by his ex. Mind you he indicated otherwise up until recently. Happy to do my own thing for now. Happy to have a casual arrangement of some sort. Will see what the future brings
  13. Yeah me too but need to save money! I just got back from my hawaii holiday last week. Only 20kg extra in luggage lol. Bugger bout funeral. Hope it goes well. Thinking of you xx
  14. Hi just wondering if a scar revion is any different in how it feels compared to having the actual procedure. As a result of my spitting stitches my vertical scar from BL near areola is a lot wider so my PS is going to cut it out and redo it. I am also getting 1/2cm cut off the bottom of my right areola. Has anyone had this and does it feel the same as the first time around. I am getti g it done on Wednesday under local in the chair.
  15. thanks for that. Yes I hope it all turns out too. And haha re dubai. One catch. I have to work/train all day when I get there. Can get tiring and you see all the sites by night. We go for a two week stint so get a weekend there. Stay in a 4 star hotel above a huge mall so thats good! Lol hope all is well with you too
  16. lol i love your last line about my sister! Hehe. Yeah he did say he has found some closure by reading it in black and white. I have to say he is coping really well. Better than i thought. That was one of the reasons why i never left. I was worried about how he wld cope
  17. Yeah I find it weird too inde. Um emotionally. I have ups and downs. I have cried quite a few times. I think thats a result of knowing the years we have been together and history/memories. We are still the best of friends. I think because we have been friends more over the past few years that we are coping ok. I am a bit excited about my new life and whats ahead. I go to Dubai thursday week for work so i am looking forward to a bit of down time away from the stress of being here. Its still hard regardless of knowing that i knew it would end.
  18. Thanks everyone. Okay update time. I found an apartment to buy last week so we have three months to sell our current house. Canberra market is not great at the mo. My hubby has seen a counsellor again. He is trying to pin point why our marriage ended. To a point that on friday he waited til I went to work and looked thru all my facebook stuff as well as went thru all my private thoughts and opinions on here. I was devastated. I felt such an invasion of privacy. I am anonymous on here hence how I can share what Im thinking. Well we have moved on from friday and he feels really bad. He just wants closure and has apologised a million times for snooping. I think that once we move out things will get better. Oh and I told my family. Well i texted my sister who was pissed that i did it by text and she rang my mum and told her. I just cant have those conversations with family. I mean who cares if i had to tell them like that. Its not about them.
  19. Hey just read this post. Good on you for doing what you did. Goodluck with your new job too!
  20. I booked online. However I never had my surgery over there. Only my consults. Stayed at both hotels mentioned previously for work though. Goodluck.
  21. you look great. I may have some questions for you if ats okay. I will send you a FR but mine id more from a work interest point if view as I do forensic facial comparisons. Thank you for sharing. Well done!
  22. You will be fine. I have been married 13 years but with my husband 17 years. He told me he thought it best we separate two weeks ago in the international airport at which point we were flying out to Hawaii. To be honest I have struggled with it on my head ie it sounded like our problems were out of the blue however in my mind i knew it would end over the past 12 mths so maybe in his mind he had already emotionally detached himself from you mentally as I have with my husband. It will get easier going on my one and only boyfriend before mu now husband. I am going through a difficult time too but just focus on e positive. You will find so eone better and I think you should get them as you will love them. Will give tou more confidence and will help you get out there to meet more peeps. Goodluck xx
  23. Glad everything is going well. Are you still constipated? I ended up taking 8 sachets a day it was so bad...doc told me to do this. Within a few days it worked finally. Take care and rest up!
  24. I got my period the day of. One of the nurses told me that there have been studies conducted that when females are in a situation like having an op our bodies release certain chemicals and causes our period. Obviously for every study out there one other will contradict it.
  25. Well done on foing through with consult. Goodluck with yr surgery. I had mine in June and I am extremely happy with my results. Hope all goes well.
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