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  1. Husband wont let me get lips done

    Thanks peeps. ill have to work on him. otherwise I will just be suddenly looking nicer without him putting his finger on it
  2. Husband wont let me get lips done

    Im a bit old fashioned too so dont want to piss him off. My lips are quite thin anyway so 1ml wont really do anything. Him and i agree its a little waste of money as its only temporary but i hear these girls get about 3ml then only need top ups every few years. That changes things if its correct.
  3. I have had 1ml of juverderm ultra plus in my lips a few years ago and i actaully wanted more but didnt want to pay $700 a pop. It made more projection rather than more size if that makes sense. lIke i was expecting it to make my lips closer to my nose and chin up and down not out. I didnt bother going back the month later for top up because it so expensive. Now im seeing all these women with sexy lips and i want to do it again maybe 2-3mls. However my husband really doesnt want mt to get "duck lips" He doesnt want me to do it at all. Should i listen and be respectful or just say stuff it and do what i want. Does anyone else have this issue with partners? I had my nose done and he didnt have a problem with that...
  4. Juvederm LCA

    Do they do Juverderm ultra plus as well? If so how much is it per ml?
  5. Waaa looks like Lynny doesnt work there anymore. Anyone know where she has moved to? Those lips look so nice
  6. Which surgeon do you choose?

    I did research for 1 year before I chose my surgeon. i didn't really want to fly interstate for surgery as you have to recover there too which makes it costly. i had a consult with the surgeon you are referring to in toorak and didn't like how I was only able to talk to a nurse and couldn't even meet him as well as paying to talk to a nurse that couldn't answer a lot of my questions, these being how many noses does he do per year and what's his revision rate. this put me right off, he is all about money and doesn't really care about his patients I felt. so I did more research and found Andrew Greensmith and was impressed that he has had further training specifically in rhinoplasty in France. i had a consult with him which was half the price of the consult with the one in toorak. Andrew Greensmith is very nice man and open and honest. I chose him and am glad I did, I did need a revision but that's only because I'm very picky but my result was heaps better wthan what I had.
  7. Hairline lowering

    Im interested in this too but there absolutely limited info in aus. I feel like i would prefer a plastic surgeon but theres no way im paying 15k-20k for dr nettle.
  8. I know there isn't much info of this surgery but wanting to know what surgeon does this well in Melbourne. also has anyone had it done? How much does it cost? my forehead is normal size to people but I look at it and like it smaller especially because the shape of my hairline is more square than round. i like aysha learmonths transformation of her hairline lowering surgery. google her before photos and you will see a huge difference. my hair is also fine so would make my forehead look bigger too.
  9. What Plastic Surgeries can I do?

    Number 1 change your hairstyle, cut it a bit and spike it up a bit. Look at some male funky hairstyles on google. When you have your hair down around your face it's not so flattering. and confidence is number one. I agree you don't need any surgery. going to the gym will make you feel better and look better in time. the only thing I would do because I'm not a fan of moles is get the mole near your mouth cut out by a dr which can be done by a gp in the office.
  10. Oh i feel so bad that your experience has been a negative one. Its bad when you save your money for so long with poor results. Have you mentioned all the concerns you have with him on how its looking now? Does this look like your imaging pic at all? If not i would raise this with him.
  11. Fat transfer Melbourne recommendations??

    Hi Misstons, Do you know what the price is? Do you have to go under general anesthetic?
  12. I'm wanting to get fat transferred to my lips as i have don't the juverderm ultra plus and don't like how expensive it is and how much i would need to get injected and then for it to dissolve. Has anyone had fat transfer to lips and where are good places to go as I'm aware its still kind of new.
  13. Options for a better look?

    There's really nothing wrong with you. However me personally i would remove the two moles next your mouth to be perfectly honest.
  14. My nose is still oily years after rhinoplasty. Has anyone figured out a way to fix this? i never had oily skin, my skin was always dry. its so hard to our foundation on my nose, it moves everywhere even with primer.
  15. For starters no offence but I would be taking those things out of your nose as its attracting the eye there which isn't what you want, you want people eye drawn to your eyes. you are a good candidate for a nose job, you have a bit of a bulbus tip but they can fix this along with the overall size. i had my nose done and never looked back I forget how bad it was until I look at photos. Just do your research for a good surgeon