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  1. Good extensions technician Melb?

    Thanks missions. after looking at the different hair you suggested I would like to try paramount hair extensions as they have a nice platinum colour. However don't know how to find out if they have a salon in Melbourne or Melbourne salons that stock their hair. i could just buy it online but how do you trust a hair dresser to put them in correctly I hear some horror stories which is why I would prefer to get it done at a salon that stocks the extensions or their exact salon.
  2. Good extensions technician Melb?

    Thanks for the info. Wow $750 is a lot of money. Where do you buy your extensions from? Ive tried zala but they dont really match my hair well so have to find somewhere that stocks the right colour as i dont really want to get them toned.
  3. I have fine blonde hair and its quite long but doesnt give the same umph as someone with normal to thick hair. Ive tried clip in extensions and in about 10 minutes of walking around the house i take them out because i get a headache. So thinking tape extensions mine be better for me as ive heard they were invented for people with fine hair because they are more lightweight. So wanting to find insider info from people who have experience wearing them etc and also want to know where i can go for them to put them in my hair thats good quality and for them to also do my colour at the same time so that everytime i get them moved up they can colour my roots at the same time. I am in Melbourne so if anyone has suggestions that would be great. Also does the adhesive make your hair wear or fall out?
  4. implants before or after children

    Ohhh thank you for sharing. i guess that's why a mummy makeover is a popular thing these days
  5. implants before or after children

    Thanks ladies. yes I think I will wait I just hope the price doesn't increase lol. i think I will definitely need work after having kids with all the stories I hear.
  6. implants before or after children

    So do you think it would be better to wait until having kids? I dont want to have to do it again if i get it done before hand
  7. implants before or after children

    Thank you, your husband must be one happy man lol. After watching a few youtube videos looks like i would prefer silicone implants medium profile. I will set up a consultation soon to get more information on when best to do it for me
  8. implants before or after children

    Thanks Platinum blonde for your information. The reason i ask about before or after child birth is because if i get it done before i dont want my boobs to sag and do it again, so dont know if they will sag after breastfeeding with implants. My husband is all for it, some of it was his idea too lol but he feels uncomfortable with another man (the ps) looking at my breasts even for the consultation. He said i would probably have to go with someone else to support me in that appointment, hes too cute. Wow youre DDD now, i never heard of a DDD. Its already hard enough for me to fins bras with a slim frame but bigger cup sizing. Thank you again and i will start researching.
  9. Fat transfer Melbourne recommendations??

    No havent got it done, just temporary fillers so far. Im still curious though.
  10. So i have naturally nice breasts, 12DD and can also fit into a 10E bra. I would just like them bigger and more volume up top. However i havent had kids yet and am not on contraception and married so my thoughts are, should i get the implants now or just wait until i have kids or at least 1 to fix them up because i intent to breastfeed and since i havent started any research on this yet i dont even know if you can breast feed with implants. I have had my nose done with andrew greensmith so i was thinking of getting my breasts done with him too because he knows me etc. He says to me " it seems that all i do these days is noses and breasts" which gives me more confidence that he would be extra skilled. I do like the fake look but not too fake if you know what i mean. I just like big breasts. Also i have vertical chest wrinkles from sleeping on the side and stomach so will implants make this stick out more or mask them? Something similar to the bottom photo (thats not me) If i knew how to get rid of them i would but have no idea So whats peoples thought on when i should do it and whats the different result with under the muscle or in front of the muscle and risks with either?
  11. Husband wont let me get lips done

    Thanks peeps. ill have to work on him. otherwise I will just be suddenly looking nicer without him putting his finger on it
  12. Husband wont let me get lips done

    Im a bit old fashioned too so dont want to piss him off. My lips are quite thin anyway so 1ml wont really do anything. Him and i agree its a little waste of money as its only temporary but i hear these girls get about 3ml then only need top ups every few years. That changes things if its correct.
  13. I have had 1ml of juverderm ultra plus in my lips a few years ago and i actaully wanted more but didnt want to pay $700 a pop. It made more projection rather than more size if that makes sense. lIke i was expecting it to make my lips closer to my nose and chin up and down not out. I didnt bother going back the month later for top up because it so expensive. Now im seeing all these women with sexy lips and i want to do it again maybe 2-3mls. However my husband really doesnt want mt to get "duck lips" He doesnt want me to do it at all. Should i listen and be respectful or just say stuff it and do what i want. Does anyone else have this issue with partners? I had my nose done and he didnt have a problem with that...
  14. Juvederm LCA

    Do they do Juverderm ultra plus as well? If so how much is it per ml?
  15. Waaa looks like Lynny doesnt work there anymore. Anyone know where she has moved to? Those lips look so nice