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  1. I had mine with andrew greensmith, multiple actually and am looking for another surgeon. He is too conservative for me. Doesnt do hollywood petite noses.
  2. fishlips

    Revison with Dr Patrick Walsh?

    Wanting to book the consult with him but I’m desperate for my 1 year post of to come around still 2 months away. maybe I should book so I’ll definitely have an appointment on my 1 year
  3. fishlips

    Revison with Dr Patrick Walsh?

    Dont know anything about the other two sorry.
  4. fishlips

    Revison with Dr Patrick Walsh?

    But $750 just to talk about the surgery and see what he can achieve? Thats way too much. no i havent looked at to y holmes because when i was researching in 2011 someone told me to stay away drom him
  5. fishlips

    Revison with Dr Patrick Walsh?

    Just called patrick walshs office. Would be $750 for a consultation! $200 for talking about it. $400 for photos and $150 for getting a camera up the nose! This is unheard of! Maybe its just me but is that super expensive? I remember my consult with camera and everything was about $250-$300. yeah im not 100% happy with mine as i want a small nose not a medium one, andrew is a bit too conservative. And then you get used to it and looks bigger in my eyes.
  6. fishlips

    Revison with Dr Patrick Walsh?

    Not really I've had already 2 reconstructive rhinoplastys with the same surgeon but I feel he is too conservative for me as I want a bigger change.
  7. fishlips

    Revison with Dr Patrick Walsh?

    There's a girl on YouTube who has done a rhinoplasty vlog and he was her surgeon. Her results were outstanding! ill add the link to the YouTube video. https://youtu.be/AvYZ9Cro720
  8. fishlips

    Revison with Dr Patrick Walsh?

    Thanks Mikk, i want to see him but not sure if it's too premature as I am already 7 months post op from my last revision so have lots of swelling still. i just hope he makes big changes rather than subtle changes.
  9. Ive had 2 full on nose jobs but looking at a possible revision and am staring to research Dr Patrick Walsh. does anyone know much about him? Does he do revisons and if so is he goos at them?
  10. fishlips

    Best Rhinoplasty surgeon in Australia

    PMed you cosmetic
  11. fishlips

    Best Rhinoplasty surgeon in Australia

    I just emailed about my experience with andrew greensmith and added photos of before and afters. He is the surgeon that operated on me and he is lovely. I dont think anyone would come out with a botched nose with him
  12. This is so scary. I contemplated seeing him for surgery but it was the fact he wasn't a plastic surgeon and he was interstate for me that put me off. any of us could be a victim of this.
  13. fishlips

    Fat transfer Melbourne recommendations??

    I have now had 2ml ultra put in my lips and cost me $389 a pop with LCA i also got a small amount of Botox in my top lip to flip it up when I smile so my top lip doesn't disappear. i had ultra plus done a long time ago 1ml for I think either $600 or $700 and I wanted another ml when the swelling subsided but I got out off by the price so didn't go back. i asked the new lady I saw about ultra plus and she said it's not worth the extra money so we used ultra. shes very experienced and comes highly recommended. The thing that made me know she's not after money is when I had my second ml injected she said I should stop now because my lips are tight now. she does a natural look and no one that doesn't know has even said anything to me about it. maybe they will mention it when I used lip liner etc. I had ultra plus years ago at essential beauty. They had a nurse come in on a weekly basis.
  14. My skin used to be dry dry dry especially on my nose but ever since my surgery years ago and revisions my nose is always super oily and i feel i can never get it back to normal. Has anyone got any fixes for this? I tried alcohol wipes and doesn't work and tried washing and doesnt work