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  1. Hi Leese i haven’t heard of him but had my revision with Patrick Walsh in Melbourne and am sooo happy. Had 4 surgeries with Andrew Greensmith that left me with breathing problems and poly beak deformity. patrick fixed all these issues in one surgery he is in Melbourne too.
  2. Oh you look fantastic!! Are these under or over the muscle? I want high ones that don’t sag overtime and so I don’t have to wear a bra. I’ve heard under the muscle drop after a while.
  3. Has anyone heard of this surgeon or seen her work? Looking at booking a consult but I can’t see any of her photos anywhere. I like that on her website it says they can do the procedure in their office under local anaesthetic (to keep costs and recovery down for me)
  4. What state did you have this done in if you don’t want to reveal the surgeons name? I’m looking at going to a female surgeon in Melbourne so wanting to go to someone good. i hope she does your revision and not expect payment
  5. What is it that makes them look like basketballs but on some women they look more natural shape how it starts like Kim kardashian looks natural shape?
  6. Who’s the person to go to in Melbourne for huge porno tits? i was a small E and now after 1 year of breastfeeding my boobs are as small as I’ve ever seen them. wanting to get huge boobs even way bigger than I started with naturally. also it would be great if this person could do a labiaplasty at the same time. Any suggestions? i looked up Jane In Melbourne but her boobs aren’t to my taste.
  7. Anyone else good in Melbourne? I just want a little trim to neaten it up. Don’t want to travel and I’ve looked at dr Jane patersons photos but I want more of a done look. is there any others in Melbourne?
  8. I had 4 surgeries with Andrew Greensmith and needed to go to another surgeon for revision. New surgeon had to cut a lot of scar tissue away that was giving me a hump on my nose that I didn’t have before and had to thin the skin as it thickened up with all the surgeries. I didn't get a lot of deprojection which is what I wanted. i also was left with breathing problems and asymmetry. I also have the tip of my skin damaged and now my nose turns purple/red when it’s cold so it indicates poor blood flow there and I’m not a smoker. if you want photos inbox me.
  9. I had my surgery (revision from another surgeon) with Patrick Walsh last year. He is fantastic and you can ask all the questions you like and he will answer all of them without judgement and while showing patience. he also looks at the medical breathing side of things too. in regards to price he is clearly not doing it for the money. I went for a consult with Chris moss (nurse) which I didn’t know until the day for my primary many years ago and was so pissed off this nurse couldn’t even answer my questions ie how many noses does he do a year, what’s his revision rate, pretty normal questions and I had to pay for the session and to book to see him for a consult after her was going to cost me $500!! I think from memory patrick walsh consult was $300-$400 but that includes the photo imaging and putting a camera up your nose. Also if you go ahead with the surgery that price comes off your total. pm me for photos All up this is my 5th surgery, 4 with the other surgeon and 5th with Patrick that has to fix the other surgeons work. I have days where I have more selling than others. I still have lots of swelling in the time and because I’ve had so many the swelling will be longer to heal for me maybe up to 2 years.
  10. Do you know how much this cost your friend? I wanna try and get it done through Medicare but I don’t know how it works. i wanna fund our more about dr Hakki Semerli in moonee ponds
  11. Yes I went with him and his fee was $7,000 then I had to pay hospital etc on top so was $12,000 all up but I had no insurance. very happy with the result. I’ll have to get some before pics off my fb as I’ve just cleared my camera roll on my phone as the storage was getting too big so I’ll do this soon when I get time. he is a lovely man and very professional. I wish I never saw my first surgeon for 4 nose jobs. patrick had to fix a lot of it up.
  12. I’m younger but have hooded eyes through genetics. Looking for someone to fix it in Melbourne but want someone good. But also how much does it cost? I can’t afford a lot of consults with different people so would rather research first
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