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  1. Wow I'm so shocked to hear that, I'm so sorry for you, going throughout this company made me feel at ease I haven't heard a bad story until now... Did you say anything on the forum? I know that the hospital have 6months warranty, let me know how your going..
  2. Aww thank you! Totally agree its so much easier going through an agency I just wanted to put it out there because when I was actually looking for a company something like that would of helped a lot in making my decision easier! It's so hard to pick an agency, oh and congrats on your boobs also!
  3. Hi Girls I'm writing this post because I have just recently come back from having a tummy tuck, breast lift and implants in Bangkok through Medi makeovers. i just want to say that my experience through Medi Makeovers was AMAZING my consultant was Raquel who was amazing and helped me with any questions I had she sent me loads of information including where to shop in Bangkok! I had my surgery at Bangpakok 9 hospital all the staff were amazing so friendly and always there to help, my surgeon was Dr Thiti and I could not be happier with my results my boobs look amazing and my tummy looks beautiful, clean straight lines, everything is healing well! Whilst I was in Bangkok I had plenty of questions after surgery so I contacted Daniela who is also a consultant and has so much knowledge about surgeries etc. she works very close with the surgeons and Daniela contacted me very promptly she helped me so much! Medi makeovers go above and beyond for their clients even on weekends they get straight back to you! I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH MEDI MAKEOVERS for being their for us on this scary and life changing journey I would recommend them to anyone!!
  4. hi makeover000, i just looked at pics, if you dont mind me asking what has happened?
  5. Hi all, to anyone who is or travelled to thailand for surgery, are you getting medical cover or just sticking with travel insurance?
  6. Hey guys I'm booked in 29th of July with dr Thiti!
  7. Medi makeovers have been great so far.. They are very quick to respond easy to talk to! Just waiting now to hear back from surgeon..
  8. Hmm ok ill look them up! I'm just going through the process again.... I've sent photos away to medi makeovers they seem great so far! I was going to bangkok, I've heard of Dr veerawat so ill look them up thanks!
  9. Thanks ladies I'm actually looking at medi makeovers ATM
  10. Hi I really need help, I was going to book with destination beauty with dr Pichit for TT and BA but I can't find many pics or information on him... Can anyone recommend a doctor or have pics of there TT I could look at? Any help is appreciated!
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