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  1. Hi Cathy, yes I do have photos I will email some through Again I only had half of the procedure as Dr M said you would see the scars behind my ears. I did not want this also the procedure I had is not the traditional macs mini lift where they cut right around the front of the ear and peel the skin back. It is Dr M's version of a lift plus so basically a suture lift with excess skin removed and fine stiches are used to secure and reposition the skin to the smas layer underneath. I hope I have explained it properly lol but on his web site it explains it better. The healing time is less I was flying all over the place within a few days and visiting family. The price was thousands cheaper also another major factor but also Dr Szalay has good reviews maybe not on his bed side manner but he was great with me so I can not fault him. I guess my most biggest fear is how long will this last as it was a more minimal procedure but I didn't want to have the Macs lift at this stage. I do not regret this decision unless my face droops again in less than two years lol as it would of cost me this amount in fillers over the three years if I was to do what my cosmetic nurse suggested each visit
  2. I just wanted to do an update on how I have been going.. It has been 3 and a half weeks now and everything has been going so well. I have been back to work for over a week but have been tired. I think taking a full 21 days would have been better. Although I did do alot in the early days like flying all around the state visiting family and flying back to the doctors (I was a fifo paitent). I am still healing although on the outside you can not see anything no one has said anything, either to polite or just haven't noticed. I did get plenty of comments of how refreshed I look from the holiday ? I am still a bit numb around the ears and the top of my cheeks and some swelling that you can hardly see ... but I do lol The two stiches in the top of my head have now dissolved but there are still two little bumps where they were. I can't wait for these to go away .. then I will color my hair !! too scared now as they are some pretty harsh chemicals, and it still is a opening so to speak.. don't need to add any more chemicals to my brain I did enough of that in my twenty's .. I love the results and I'm already planning boobs and upper eye lids next year ?
  3. What part are you having surgery on? But really is it worth the risk? For a couple of days of no hair product come on surely not. You wont care after the surgery anyhow, you will be to drugged up, absolutely not worth the risk.
  4. I told family after surgery, some reactions were distant and a little "oh, you didd't need it" and what a waste of money. I don't care what they think and even they said how natural and good I looked an that was 5 days after the procedure! So glad for you ... yay!! Take lots of recovery time .. look at 4 weeks ... If you fly stay in the city as long as you possibly can.. I think altitude can increase swelling and fluid build up.. I was ok but wonder if the swelling would of been less if I had stayed put longer. I did fly lots though!! And do not doubt yourself!!! Prep now by getting healthy and eating right .. I will send you my photos very soon just need to take a couple of me now ☺☺☺ So happy and glad for you ☺☺
  5. Hello everyone, Sorry have returned to work and as I work shift work it hit me quiet hard! Especially after being so in-active since the surgery. Well I have been great! There was some puckering on one side of my face which I returned to the Dr about he was very good, he offered to pop another stich in although assured me it will go in time. I did not want to be cut and stiched again and although it is a bit noticable I chose to wait it out, he popped a small amount of temporary filler in to soften it so it is not so noticable. If he used juveederm it will settle and then you would see the juvee. Now at any time I can go back and have the stich but then I am back to square one on one side ... this I do not want to rush into. I look great! Haha No one has said a thing at work! Apart from how refreshed I look. I know they know I have done something as one person said wow look at you when he seen me lol I did say to a close colleauge (male) .. "Well"? He smiled and said "I know you have done something you look ten years younger but I can't work it out" .. he knows I have done fillers etc as his wife wants it done. He was against it but now is going to let her lol but I did not tell him what I had done, and assured him filler wont give these results.. He is very polite and diddn't ask and I told him Im not telling haha To dark for photos tonight and have a day trip with my date from last week tomorrow but will have a couple more days to send through photos from tuesday. Just wanted to say I am still happy ☺ Recovery for this surgery is not as fast as they say and I reccomend do not go over seas to do this! But do not regret a thing!!!
  6. Thanks vlinder The doctor said to apply gentle pressure where the puckering is just three times a day, I have taken a picture of it this morning and emailed the office for him to confirm I am doing the right thing. As the swelling has settled the puckering is more prominent, it is only on one side but It does look odd in certain light and of course it is all I see when looking in the mirror lol but I am still happy. But again 14 days post surgery not a big problem yet! Lol but as far as I am aware it is a easy fix, just means going back in again ? This is not a fault of the Dr I see it is a common problem that is easily rectified, but would love to not have to do anything. The side it is on was also the worst side as far as drooping goes so I am not surprised this side is playing up, he would off had to do more work there lol. I will include this in my photo progress, I am thinking of using the same doctor for my upper eyelid surgery but will wait until im fully recoverd before starting down that path. PS - Date went well he wants to see me again lol
  7. Hello lady's ?? Very sorry for my silence I have been on holidays and out of Internet range, yes at first it was very hard. Amazing how much the internet is a part of our lives, but I am ok I think ? But as far as my face goes OMG!!! I am great! Yes I look good, I feel good and have healed very well! I am over the moon with the results. I saw my GP today who also does my botox and he can not belive it, said I look 10 yrs younger lol but also said he done a very neat job of the sutures. My jaw is still tight but it has only been 13 days and there is some puckering on one side but to soon to be concerned. Dr Michael did give me some home work for this. I have to say it is the best thing I have ever done, I am even going on a date tonight .. yep already.. haha I met him on line 3 weeks ago but have been giving him the run around since poor man lol thank goodness I did go interstate. I just got back so still need to take a couple of photos, I am going to share but only by request via email as it is scary if I am recognised. I will do this again when required, without hesitation!! I am now looking into how to permanetly fill the hollows of my eyes and upper eyelid surgery. I think you just have to do it, choose a city and then narrow it down to a surgeon, all surgeons have a bad review some where down the line. I chose a cosmetic surgeon not a plastic and do not regret it one bit! I would stick to Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or Brisbane this is just a personal choice as in my reserch this is where all the more know Dr's are, I would choose a Dr who is not very old.. why? Silly but a younger Dr is open to new things the older ones stick to old practices. Absoulutely my own opinion and my own thought process. Look at the photos are they old, new lots of or few on the web site.. Are they even from that Dr or the ones that seem to pop up all over the place when you search a procedure. Don't wait to long just do it !!!
  8. Hi Cathy, nice to meet you and I will look up realself tomorrow and read the review, I have been on that site regularly so it is possible I have read the review. I am going to see the dr tomorrow so I will update all info then and try and add all the things that have been gojng on over the last few days. But I LOVE the results already and am actually not afraid to smile anymore, so so glad I done it ?
  9. Yes I did have them assesed by two doctors, as I was very young at the time and back then melanomas were skin grafted the doctor say's no ? They are large and round and ugly lol but at the time It was about saving me, I was 18 and melanoma was very uncommon. I had two 12 months apart one from a mole and the other secondary but caught in 5ime ? I am going incredibly well, I have been quiet because I have been reasting on the coast with family and out of internet range .. grr lol But I could not be happier, I love the results already looking better than befor the surgery. My jaw has been very sore which is to be expected but I did not think it would be so sore. Mushy soft food is still easier. But I give everything a go .. haha hunger it pushes you through barriers. I am tierd now so will keep it short and update more tomorrow. Stiches will be coming out (can't wait) ?and it is very hard to rest when you feel so good lol
  10. Very well said !! I felt the same and after a big weight loss I aged 5 yrs in 1 yr, i still have not seen my face as the bandages are covering the parts i hated lol But i agree Lizzie no huge expectations of what the surgery can do, when i can show you the before and afters you will see what my concerns were I hope to be a better version of myself and I am the only one that seems to think I needed it. I done it for me and my confidence i can now focus on the other crappy elements of my life lol I am skinny flat chested hitting 45 and single and have some pretty bad body scars from cancer surgery when i was 18 twice the scars are irrepairable ? and wrist scars from being an idiot at 16 so yes i want to look good without because when the clothes come off there aint much to see apart from bones and loose scarred skin ? I think you should go for it Lizzie ?
  11. My concerns are pretty much exactly what you have mentoned, one very easy area to stuff up. I have heard that the fat just dissolves very quickly and unevenly and infection is scary in that area. So much money for a risky procedure that has such mixed results i am still searching for a better way of filling the eye hollows and then a upper Blehp. I am starting my reserch now for this procedure next yr so please keep in conact I would love to bounce things off you lol See your opinion. ☺
  12. It must of been frustrating picking up the infection as it slows the end product so to speak. I hope this procedure has cleared it, keep us updated on your recovery. Thinking of you ☺
  13. Yes LizzieVale he was pleased with the results, although did warn me someti es they may have to pop another stich in or do a small adjustment once swelling goes down. All at no cost of course and may not need to but he was pre warning just in case. I did read that this may happen ... I hope not but don't mind if it dose it means the Dr cares about the results also. And Vlinder is going tnrough a mummy makeover Lizzie (yes lol getting lazy with txt) I think this her second surgery, poor thing must be feeeling it right now ? I am feeling good even went for 5 min stroll up the street ... getting bored now lol cant wait to get bandages of am still wrapped up like a mummy. Hopefully tomorrow he will place a diffrent one on.
  14. Day two today I feel much much better this evening pain is not to bad now, i have got my nausea under control now what a diffrence it makes, and one hint have many foods on hand as what i thought would be good was not lol, i thought soft fruit and cereal and soup but nup i felt like baby food, like pureed pumpkin and so on Its more filling and better to get in your mouth. Trust me they are right when it comes to not being able to chew or open your mouth much, i am still struggeling to get a pill in so everything is on a baby spoon and mushy lol
  15. Oh Vilnder good luck, I have been so focused on me lol. I really hope things go well for you ☺
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