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    BA and TT
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    Dr Briggs, 9th August, 11
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    165cm, 60kgs, 12B

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  1. Hi! Not really sure you could go back to work at 5 weeks, for me 5 weeks is on Friday and I wouldn't be up to it. Yes I had MR done and without it my TT would have been a breeze haha, but it really depends on if you need it or not, and I really did. So your PS doesn't feel you have any muscle tearing? My posture is great now! I've been walking around pretty normal for a wk (so at 3 1/2 wks post op), pain is not really there, I haven't had any panadol today, other days has been only twice usually (last wk or so), and scar isn't bad at all, it's all completely closed and doesn't hurt to change my tape. And yes I had lift with implants. And they're healing well! ;) You're gonna be just fine x