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  1. Thanks everyone - this is so useful!! I always also shop at Cue, Veronika Maine and SABA for my work wear but this season I am finding there are too many bright and "fashionable right now" things for my liking!! i.e. If I'm going to spend close to $400 on a dress I'd like it to NOT be "so last season" within 6 months time. Oh and they have heaps of peplums this season too Very tricky...!! Yesterday during my lunch break I also went to Alannah Hill, Review and Karen Millen. I usually love Karen Millen but the stuff they have at the moment is super boring. Review's quality was cheap and
  2. Hi ladies please help me - I'm in a pickle! I have no idea what sort of clothes suit my new figure. I'm skinny on the bottom and am now top heavy. I desperately need office attire - mainly tops and dresses (I'm fine for pants and skirts). If it helps to know - I'm a pretty Conservative dresser and loathe peplums Thanks in advance xx
  3. Hi everyone I got smooth round mentors and was wondering when you all started massaging them? I had my one week follow up on Thursday with my PS and forgot to ask! My next appointment is only end of September. Thanks in advance! x PS sorry if this has already been discussed before, but I can't seem to find the threads!
  4. Wow, what an awful situation. I don't blame you for being disgusted! What an absolute wh0rebag. I think the reason your dad thinks he loves her is because she's a young, doting girl. He is probably very aware of the fact that a mature woman would be too smart to blindly shower him with sex etc. This young girl probably has very little else in her life. What do your siblings think of her? Why can't your v dad understand how you feel? As awful a situation as this is, I don't think you should cut off your dad. In fact, I think you should do whatever it takes to be the for him. You only ha
  5. Wow! What an amazing achievement to lose all that weight! Congratulations. It's completely understandable the range of emotions you are/ will be experiencing. All of us here are all too familiar with them and will be here to support you on your journey. All the very best to you!
  6. Thanks Ace. I'm hoping it's all just a sign of healing!! I'm not really a hugely loud person (screamer haha) but whenever I get this pain I can't help but make the weirdest sounding yelp! Hope it goes away soon. ...
  7. I have been getting a sharp shooting pain on the issue of my right boob. I'm taking care to move as slowly as possible but it still seems to happen particularly if I'm standing up (from sitting) or sitting from standing. Is this normal?
  8. Hi all So I just typed a really long recount of the reconstruction when my computer decided to sh*t itself! Typical Anyway...so basically, I can't really put into words just how happy I am! On Tuesday I had my exchange surgery where my breast tissue expanders were swapped out for permanent implants. In this case, 550ccc smooth round mentors. I was a bit nervous going into the surgery because this time I wasn't given any pre-meds to calm me down, but before I knew it I was waking up in recovery with very little pain. I immediately felt so much more comfortable than I've felt since be
  9. I did it!!!! Not feeling like writing a lot rift now but will update properly tomorrow. Just to let you know I'm Ok xx
  10. Oh my gosh... exchange surgery is tomorrow!! It's only been four months since my mastectomy, but the journey feels as though it's been going on forever. I guess you could say that I'm beyond excited for it to all almost be over! My PS has done an absolutely brilliant job so far and I'm so relieved that my boobs don't look like a lot of post-mastectomy boobs that I've seen! Despite the excitement, I'm still feeling nervous about a few things. The first being the operation in general which I know is silly, because the last operation was way bigger and with a more hectic recovery. Plus
  11. Thanks lovely - I'm sooo excited...!! I'm due at hospital at 7.30am on Tuesday! Apparently it'll only take 1.5-2 hours compared to the mastectomy which took more than double that time! Big hugs back at you!! xxx
  12. Two things..... Chinchilla that so called friend of yours sounds positively awful. Friends should be there for you, support you and NOT ***** ABOUT YOU! You're such a sweetheart and I hate that someone is treating you like that! Boo. Big hugs to you! Ace80...Also an awful situation. My favourite line to people who behave awfully to me is ".....<big silent pause>...... are you done yet?" Make your tone as icy as possible. Trust me, she will back off! All the best! xx
  13. Only a week this time, but it's a nice little break away. This time I'll also only stay one night in hospital instead of the 7 when I had the mastectomy! It's going to be over so, so soon. Best of all, can't wait to work out properly and get back in shape - these stupid expanders have made it far too sore and my fitness is practically non-existent right now!!
  14. Thanks Fox. It's sooo good to be getting the feeling back, especially since I'd accepted the fact that it was unlikely to return - especially after that awful nipple infection!! I'm so excited for the exchange surgery. I think the fact that the expanders are filled with saline can sometimes be a little misleading... sounds like they wouldn't hurt, but the casing of the expanders are made of a rock-hard rubber that are sharp and dig into my ribs! My PS says that the implants will be so much more comfortable in comparison. Can't wait... 9 days!!
  15. So excited - sensation has started to return to my nipples!! I had been previously warned that with the nipple sparing mastectomy it was likely that I wouldn't regain any sensation at all. Wellllllll...this morning as I was undressing for the shower I looked down and noticed that they had responded to the cold temperatures!! Woohhooooooooo
  16. Hi all So, an update! I am booked for my exchange surgery (expanders to implants) on 20 August and yesterday I had my pre-op appointment with my PS to discuss the details and make a few final decisions. As I already knew to expect, due to the shape of the 'pockets' being created by the expanders I can only have round implants. This suits me as I've already had an issue with my right expander rotating, and I'd hate for a tear drop shape implant to rotate on me! I told my PS that I wanted to go bigger than I've already been expanded to (I'm currently 420 in righty and 400 in lefty). I
  17. My date has changed from 27th to 20th woohoo
  18. Ahhhh TG I didn't have my period during my surgery!! My surgery was 4 hours (mastectomy + tissue expander placement) and I had a catheter in. Wonder if you can have a catheter and tampon in at the same time??
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