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    Breast augmentation and Ear pinning (otoplasty) in Thailand July 2013
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    172cm, 58kg, 10B hoping for a full 10DD
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    student working part time

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  1. Hi I have booked a ba with dr Ali do u mind if I can see yr pics and how do the feel? Uncomfortable at all eg when sleeping g or running etc.. Thanks heaps

  2. Hey :) I seen you had surgery with Dr Ali, I sent you a FR just after some feedback / experiences with her :)

  3. I'm booked in with Dr Ali June 18th!! As I am from Perth they have been kind enough to organise my consultation the day before surgery so i'm no away from home for too long. Looking forward to finally having cleavage! And with a female surgeon!! (yay girl power woo!)
  4. I'm a July girl going through comseditours too! Waiting on the assessment form, it's taking so long I just want it now aha. I know that getting the assessment form won't make my BA come any faster but I'm just so damn excited I'm planning end of July in Bangkok
  5. He's probably not meaning to stereotype you, I'd say that he feels insecure. He sees how amazing you now look and is worried that other men will think the same. Even though you both know that he can trust you 100% there will always be that little voice inside saying something like 'everyone will think she's amazing' or 'she could do so much better than me'. Just give him some time to adjust. My boyfriend is reacting badly to me wanting a BA, and he keeps saying that it's not that he doesn't trust me, it's that he doesn't trust other guys. It's a bit annoying that he can't trust me 100% but looking it the other way round, I do completely trust him but I wouldn't be comfortable with him say going out on the town with his shirt off and muscles showing for all sexy girls to see and desire. Keep those spirits up hun (:
  6. Hi Kiddi, thanks for the FR :)

  7. I'm a third year law student who works in a bookshop part time. Not the so called 'stereotypical type' aha. I think some people think that if you have breast implants its because you want attention and thus you'll tell the world. They don't realise that most girls who get a BA get it because they aren't happy with their bodies and want to feel and look more beautiful for themselves, not for others.
  8. Phew thanks guys you've really put my mind at ease I know I have to wait until I see my PS before it's all clear but it's nice to know that it'll probably be ok!
  9. I'm having the same dilemma! I'm 173cm, 59kg tiny waist up heavy bottom down. I was thinking 400cc, but i'm just going to wait and have a chat to my surgeon... they should know best!
  10. Ever since I booked in my surgery it's all I can think about, dreams or reality!
  11. My surgery isn't for a few months but i'm planning on giving them to Red Cross
  12. Hi ladies, As you can see from my avatar, I have a tattoo on my left side that begins just below my breast. Do you think that my BA will change the position of the tattoo? I'm really worried that my new breasts will fall over the tattoo, but looking at where it's positioned i don't think my breasts would look good if they fell that low, and I can't imagine a bra would be comfortable sitting any lower... thoughts?? I'm currently a 32B hoping for 32DD Has anyone else had a similar dilema? Thanks
  13. I'm getting my BA done in Bangkok (: Should I buy my post op bra's here at home now, or can you buy comfortable post op bras in Thailand? I'm just not sure what size i'll need (wanting a 32DD but haven't had a consultation yet so might change and also can't know the end result...) Any experience or advice?? Must appreciated thanks
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