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  1. Oh really!! I was whinging about 6 weeks lol. Thank you
  2. Hey guys I saw my PS yesterday for my 2 week check up and everything is going perfectly! My insicions are completely healed over from the outside and scars look amazing, im very happy. He did tell me however, I need to still keep dressing them with the Hypafix for the next 4 weeks.... Has anyone else had to do this? I assumed being healed they could come off? Does the Hypafix help with scarring maybe? I should have asked him why, but didn't want him to think I was questioning him, silly.. I know! Thank you xx
  3. I had this also, it really threw me because id started having a lot less pain, then BANG! Those little things called nerves start regenerating Goodluck hun and hope it settles for you soon xx
  4. Sorry for the delay, haven't been on here much lately!! My pics are now up Hope those recovering are going well, and best of luck to those going in! xox
  5. Thanks girls!! Now ive had more time to come out of my drug induced coma (lol), i believe now i was given a local anaesthetic in each breast before waking as my skin between my breasts was numb? Wounds and skin wasnt sore, purely muscualar soreness. Not entirely sure tho, wasnt told anything.. All i know is when i woke in so much pain they were pretty quick to start putting meds in my drip and they gave me some tablets too, pretty sure it was Endone? Well im home and settled now. Had my plasters removed yesterday just before our 5 hour trip home.. I DO NOT recommend this at all. Ended up having some Endone half way home. I was coping quite well until then, they werent careful with pulling the plasters off, and instantly felt the entire weight of my implants. Every bump and dip in the road was almost unbearable so needless to say i was quite relieved to get home.. Pain wise feeling slightly tender and still tight, but have managed to go crop top shopping today so feeling more normal wearing a 10D, yay!!! Dr Marshall wants me to try and wear my crop top rolled up to push the girls down, or wear a pressure bandage, i tried this today and made me feel soooo sick, has anyone else had to do this? Will they not settle properly if i dont? Other than that feeling quite good, just getting a bit frustrated sometimes at the lack of mobility! P.S. Man oh man know i now what all this 'morning boob' business is about! Ouch!!
  6. Hi everyone! Had my surgery yesterday, here is my experience After spending the last 2 weeks stalking forums trying to find as much last minute info as possible, I was quite relieved to go in yesterday morning. I was going insane! I got to the Adelaide Day Surgery at 7:30, was admitted and changed into gown then saw my anaethisist at 8:00. Went and got comfy in a nice warm bed and waited for Dr Marshall to come and draw me up. Dr Marshall arrived at 9:00 and said he needed to put someone in before me so there would be a little wait. At 9:30 I walked into theatre, laid on the bed and remember feeling rather annoyed everyone was just talking about the footy then BANG! I woke up in recovery! I went 345cc Allergan Natrelle Smooth Round, under muscle, moderate profile. On waking I was crying as I was in so much pain, id had no pain relief administered at this stage, so they gave me 2 Endone until my husband went and got a script filled for me. Stayed in recovery for 2 hours then drove the 2 blocks back to our hotel room. The pain last night was manageable, not very comfy sleeping and the Endone has started to make me quesy now, so im just taking panadol. The pain has subsided by at LEAST half today (Day 2) and managing quite well on just panadol. Feeling very tight, and quite sore under my arm pits. Seeing Dr Marshall tomorrow to have all of my sticky bandages removed, so cant wait to see what the look like as im only getting half the picture now lol. Im very happy with how they are so far! And quite soft already which surprised me! All up my experience hasn't been too bad, apart from waking up with no pain relief, that wasn't very nice. I still think the worst part of the whole experience was the lead up to surgery.. not knowing what to expect etc, it was awful! Id rather go thru the surgery again than be back there! Anyway ill keep you updated over the next few days, I cant wait to get home to my babies!!! xx
  7. Hope it all works out for you Kate I had mine yesterday, will post my experience as soon as I can get on there, hope all the other June girls that went while the site was down are doing well!! xx
  8. HELP!!! I have a very distinct stinging throat tonight and starting to feel a little achey, im so scared I can feel the dreaded flu coming on.. my mum had it last week and im petrified its hit our household!!! Ive had a flu shot so hoping I wont get it as badly, but so worried i'll have my surgery cancelled.. I go in 7 days any opinions or suggestions on how to kick this flu to the curb PLEASE let me know, completely freaking out, I cant have my surgery cancelled.. !!! Are the chances of it being cancelled high..!?!?
  9. Bahahaha!!! This made me laugh as my husband said exactly the same thing to me lol. Hahahaha
  10. Hope all went well katee!!
  11. I know Miss Bec! Coming up very quickly! Thank you for the FR, your photos are AMAZING and have made me feel very good about the choice ive made now! You must be over the moon hun. How is your recovery going? xx
  12. Thanks Fox.. I have been following your story and seeing that your feeling better about yours now makes me feel a lot better! Man id be lost without this forum!! Hope your having all smooth sailing now hun..
  13. ITS JUNE!! How exciting ) Good luck to the first cabs off the rank this month! xx
  14. Oh no katee! Hope that you manage to avoid it, and your two littlies feel better soon
  15. Thanks everyone!! I have done the sizers, multiple times.. lol. I think I just have pre-surgery jitters and starting to stress about everything! The 340cc sizers still fit all my clothes which is great. I think I just doubted it as when I mentioned it to my PS and said will I still achieve the look im after he just said "You should.. I don't think you'll end up an E, but you might" so that made me start doubting everything I thought I had set in concrete! Thanks for listening and all of your advice, its very much set my mind at ease 11 days to go!! Aarrrgghh!!
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