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  1. Hi Tanya74! Just read your response to the "bloating" issue after surgery.. how long did it take for you to feel that the rest of your body was back to normal? I feel like I am just so puffy in my tummy and even a little in my face! it must be the anesthetic? i know it has gone down a little.. I am 5 days post op now :p But I guess once you Finally get your boobies fixed you are like.. damn I have been working on the rest of my body for so long! are you kidding me?! haha

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  • Location Perth WA
  • Surgery/ Procedure Removal and replacement of Breast Implants which had ruptured through the breast tissue
  • Name of Surgeon and Date of Surgery Dr Briggs 29 June 11
  • Measurements 163 cm, 52 kilos 10C