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    Dr Luke Stradwick September 9th 2013 my 29th Bday!
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  1. Hi Floral! FR accepted! your a day after me! yay and OMFG a week!! a week to go!! im freaking out as i haven't had a major surgery before either! had a GA once and was pretty sick afterwards for a few days so hoping i don't have the same reaction! im hoping my pain meds knock me out so i can just sleep for 3 days and avoid pain and nausea. How are you feeling? xo
  2. Hi KiwiSez Glad to hear that its all over and done with for you, sounds like you didn't have an easy time with the anxiety and all the random people hanging about would ave made me feel the same!!! i feel for you i went to the same hospital with my sister two years ago and she felt the same, especially with the nurses not understanding you! it was the most frustrating part of all! I hope your feelng better today your so strong! take it easy and let us know how your review goes tomorrow. xoxox
  3. oh Great! thanks Fox no you didn't confuse me! all good I went into see my surgeon and he approved the 375cc! yay im so happy! he made sure i was totally confident in them and that i can change my mind right up to the day anyways. but i know i wont! id love to see your sisters results ill add her now xx
  4. BWD is Breast Width Diameter its your chest measurement from boob to boob ooh im first off the block as well Kitty Hawk!!! getting excited alright!
  5. Not long to wait now for our big boobies ladies! im feeling quite excited about the fact ill have implants, but nervous and worried about the recovery, as we all are! <3
  6. oohhh How awesome! Thank you Kylie85! Great Idea, its good to see so many Girls in September that we can share experience and stories and the nerves with! as we will all be feeling it around the same time i think about my surgery everyday for hours haha i just want it over with! and ohhh im going the 375cc! im able too!!! YAY! so happy <3
  7. Oh Harper your a god send!! thank you so much! yes i measured 11cm for BWD that makes sense so if they are both the same cm its just extra pole volume.... mmmm def going to email Lisa and suggest i go 375 your right it is my money after all. May as well go the extra...if he will do it hahaha he may refuse :/ thank you so much xoxoox
  8. i dream of them a fair bit too!! only good ones so far i daydream about them even more! especially at work hahaha
  9. Allergen is the brand and no size in between so annoying. I think that too Kiddi, since i am tall, yet slim....so 375 to me is perfect. Shall email and try to convince him to do 375's thank you for your support ladies xox surgery isnt far now! just want it over with so i can enjoy them! heehehe
  10. Mine is the same as EmmaJayne's, have to wear a compression bra for 6 weeks, only can take it off to shower :/ smooth implants u generally don't need to wear one, lots of massaging instead. Id email your surgeon and ask babe. hope that helps
  11. Hi Kiddi! yay to bikinis! i dont like HUGE but i dont want them to be small he says they wont be small and laughs at me! haha so i dunno... September Boobies! yes 2 days before you, so ill be in mega mega pain when u have your surgery haha my surgeon is conservative i guess he says i will look all boobs and legs of i got any bigger than 325, my BWD is 11cm. Great idea hun ill mention that in an email to him. Thanks girls xox
  12. Hello Forum Friends! How are you all? I have paid for my surgery!!!!! One year of saving and hard work all spent in a second through a eftpos transaction! haha everyday i think about my surgery and am getting quite excited yet pretty anxious! now and then ill have a panic attack about it meh. I am confused...when i had my first consult my surgeon recommended 375cc XHP or 380cc mod profile....second consult months later he says that its too tight a fit and the biggest he can do for a first surgery is 325cc XHP. I don't get it? I d love the 375cc so much but he wont do it...? why did he reccommeded the bigger sizes at first? should I be more assertive about it? and ask for 375? maybe he wont cause of stretch marks etc? Plus my man seems to think 375 are too big anyways....i would tell him i got the 325cc if i was to get the bigger ones. Thanks for reading Ladies! all comments taken on! Lots o Love Myss xooxoxox
  13. damn all this talk of 400 implants is making me cry haha not really but gee I wish i could fit them in dammit But hey! how exciting for us September girlssssss!!! coming up quickly isn't it! <3
  14. HeyDon! count me out im being strict with my no alcohol 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after deal, haha being a good girl, but id love to do coffee with you after my 2 weeks off work when i come back with boobies! im sure ill have a billion questions to ask you. hehe. Totally understand about ur breaks and patients xox
  15. Hi Zoey Lea! 10 days will pass sooooo quikly! i agree, get onto your essay girl. very exciting having surgery so close i get butterflies and goosebumps when i think about it! all nervous, anxious and excited at the same time. <3
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