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  1. Yes for a lollipop lift they cut around your nipple and then down, Sometimes when you need a lift because of the sagging your areola stretches and looks oval shape so they can fix that and make it smaller and round again. I had a lollipop lift with Dr Piyapas and I don't regret it at all I love my new look.
  2. I don't know.. To be honest I walked in and told him I want perky, round firm boobs and no bigger then a DD and he knew what to do. I never thought of how many cc I just knew what size I wanted and the look.

  3. Thanks, after some more consideration I am now thinking very similar to you. A lift, round textured implant, Dual plane position ~350cc.. Mind me asking what your BWD is?

  4. 500 seems big to me but it depends on what you want.. I had a lift with 350 one side and 325 the other.. I'm currently a DD to E.. Mine are round and under the muscle with mod profile.. I had breast muscle as well and I think that's why mine sit natural they look really good but you can't tell there fake. Sometimes I wish I had the fake look but then I think no I don't haha

  5. Thanks. I think for the first 12 months or so it would feel like the scars are never going to fade enough but once 2 or 3 years pass you won't even notice them! What size, shape etc did you go with? I'm confused about size. One surgeon suggested 500-550cc with no lift (pics I took with sizers looked good but they felt huge!!) another said a lift and 340-370cc. I'm happy to have the lift but felt this size might still be a bit small... I have a fair bit of breast tissue though apparently. It's so hard to decide! Haha

  6. I haven't put before pics up, but I understand your scar concern. My scars are healing great but yes they are still noticeable naked my BF tells me they are great and fading well. My right scar is fading a lot quicker then my left. In the end I think it's worth it my boobs like great in swimwear and normal wear and in time the scars will fade even more. But you have to have patience.

  7. Hi, Everything was great for me. Dr P was amazing would highly recommend him. I haven't put before pics up yet.

  8. Hi RachelB, thanks for Accepting my FR! You results look awesome, do you have any before pics? Also, how are your scars healing? The scars are what I am most nervous about... Ta x

  9. Hi, sure my experience in Thailand was great and I highly recommend my Doctor.

  10. Hi RachelB, mind if I FR you? I am looking into a BL & BA (not sure whether it will be in Aust or Thailand yet) but would like to see some pics of women who have had this combined procedure to help me make that decision! Thanks x

  11. I went round 350 left side and 325 right side with a lollipop lift. I was in hospital for 2 nights and then first day/night out I just took it easy. By day 4 I was out shopping and walking around but really it's not like your back to normal it does take a few days but every day it does get easier. One tip I will give you is on day 3 I had a very emotional day I think it was just all the meds I was on but the next day I was fine just take it easy and know you will be ok. Make sure you take all your swelling / antibiotic pills. I am now a DD/E cup. You will love them! Oh I also took antibacterial wipes with me and every morning/night I wiped around my incisions just to keep it clean and prevent infection.
  12. I had Piyapas... He is amazing and I haven't had any drama.. It takes a few days to recover and my left incision didn't heal as quick as the right but all going well now. I have had a few friends go with him and none of us have had any trouble and everyone loves there results. I went the natural look and everyone tells me they are great I just sometimes wish they were a little fake looking haha if that makes sense.
  13. Hi I'm booked in with jib but looking at Piyapas also, how did u find everything? Pre post op pics? Thanks x

  14. Hi Rachel, ive just had 350cc hp put in and id love to see your results, there arent to many of us around with this size! Ive sent you a fr :)

  15. I had internal stitches.. I wore a crop top and bra for the first 8 weeks day and night I've only just started going bra less at night. Caprica your right I really need to stop over thinking it. I'm just going to accept them and wear supportive tops.
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