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  1. I am 3 years post op mine took 2 years to fully soften and I still have numbness underneath
  2. I'm not from Brisbane but interested in the other groups can u pm me too
  3. He was fine with me personally I didn't care about his personality just that he did good work I'm so happy with the results it was so easy the whole operation and had no pain afterwards just had to take Panadol. My consult was quite quick but he knew what he was doing and I didn't have many questions so it was fine with me I have pics if u add me as a friend
  4. Hi I had my BA with dr Scarlett had no problems he was great to deal with it was really easy
  5. Def a lot softer they are even jiggly in past few months I have noticed they softened a lot but it was a very gradual process
  6. Gradual changes they ares super soft now I'm not sure if they will keep softening but I feel like they will soften just a little more
  7. I can't believe it was 1 year yesterday since I had my BA it has been such a great experience I'm so glad I did it !
  8. Hi I have very similar stats to u I got 315cc and am a very full d cup now
  9. Hi I have similar stats to u I got 315 cc extra high I have pics if I send me a fr I am also very tiny and 315cc is not too big for me
  10. Hi I had my BA done by dr Phil Scarlett who works with dr flemming it was a great experience hardly any pain at all he made the whole process really easy and I love the results
  11. Hi mine r dual placement yes the top of the implants under the muscle and the bottom isn't
  12. Try online at veve swimwear but pricey but their stuff is amazing
  13. Hi I am now 9 months post op he was so good! I had a great experience with him any other questions just ask
  14. -booblessphysio, I have seen other ladies on here having anatomincals with dr Scarlett he also seems to be conservative with size as well
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