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  1. Hi I live in rocky so Ive been considering him for a ba.
  2. Hi I am wondering if any of Dr Maysons girls want to add me as a friend? I want to see before and after pics of his work if thats ok. Im trying not to sound creepy lol.
  3. Hi I havent had a consult yet so cant ask dr but how do you ladies know what size post op bra to get? Does the dr tell you roughly? sorry if this sounds like a stuipd q.
  4. Hi I would like to see Dr Mayson's ladies before and after photos if anyone is willing to share. I've seen the ones on the website but would like to see others iykwim.
  5. Hi all Just wondering how do you know what size bra to get post BA and how long until you can get professionally measured? Does the surgeon tell you at the consultation? Thanks
  6. Hi Im considering Dr Mayson. Glad you are happy with the result. What size were you before and after? Also what bra did he recommend?
  7. Hi Im 23 and a stay at home mum of 2. Im a larissa bright consultant and on mat leave from working as a AIN in a nursing home
  8. Hi Im a newbie Has anyone been to either Dr Mayson or Dr Rubenstein? What was your experience like? TIA
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