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    BA - currently A cup wanting a C cup.
    Silimed 360XH Natural anatomical (tear drop)
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    Dr Mark Lee - 29 July 2013

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  1. Hi I got 360 XHP Brazilians Tear Drop and I'm really happy with mine. I went to Dr Mark Lee and he was fabulous. I had absolutely NO pain and a friend got the normal rounds with him the same week and had a fabulous outcome too. Good luck but I seriously recommend you see Dr Lee before making a final decision.
  2. Hi flip I've sent you a FR as I'm hoping to have a BA with Dr Lee or the TCI clinic in Sydney. I see your had your BA with Dr Lee and I wanted to ask how it went are you happy with your results? :-) cheers

  3. I too am surprised she doesn't know this, however who knows how long they will last. A friend of mine is going on 15 years. I wouldn't worry about it until the time comes in the future.
  4. Hi Sophieschick, I think definately for you round would be the go. I have teardrops because I had no loose skin at all. A friend went to my surgeon also and because she had a lot of loose skin too he gave her the round to fill it up. He said to her that he wouldn't put teardrops into women with loose skin. He is a very well respected surgeon here in Perth and both myself and my friend are extremely happy with the two types he did for us. Hope that helps and good luck.
  5. Hi Inde, so glad all is going well. I've been off line for awhile I've had the flu and just feeling like crap. The boobs are going great. 7 weeks already. Time goes fast. I've had a big clean out of my wardrobe and need to do some summer shopping. I used to wear a lot of t-shirts but find now they make my boobs stick out too much so I'm going for a different look now with a bit looser blouse type tops. Anyway great to hear your healing. Take care x

  6. Hi flip, thanks lovely I'm all good jut taking it easy - the discomfort seems to be getting worse but I'm hoping that's just my body healing. How are you? How are the girls :)?

  7. Hi Inde, how did you go last week? Hope you are okay and have been thinking of you.

  8. Hey Holly where do they sell these bras? I like the one on the right.
  9. I wanted a full C but had a feeling reading others posts that a D was probably going to be the outcome. A D sounds big and freaks you a bit but it actually isn't that huge. Under clothes it's definately more of a C look which is what I wanted really. They are easy to cover up and people that don't know haven't noticed yet. Summer time with less clothes will probably be more noticable and by then they would have settled fully.

  10. Kata

    Hey Flip! That's fair enough - thanks for the update :). I'm glad you had a great surgeon, looks like it makes all the difference feeling comfortable when you commit to the procedure! Did you think you'd be a D? Or did you think going in you'd be a C Cup? A lot of the girls on here seem to end up larger than they first intend- I do t know if that's because they find out they are able to go bigger or if they just get bigger as they settle? that's fantastic news about no pain!! Congrats on your new additions :).

  11. I haven't put up any photo's yet as my husband isn't keen on it. I've had no problems or pain and everything is going great. I had a fabulous surgeon and would recommend him to anyone here in Perth. I was an A cup and was measured today as a D cup. They look big naked and in a bra but under clothes really natural.

  12. Kata

    Hey Flip! We've got similar stats so I'd be keen to see your progress? I've sent u a FR. Good luck with the post op healing!

  13. Victoria Secret is now at Perth and Melbourne Domestic Airports however I don't think they have a huge bra range. VS has a big store in that new huge building in the City in Sydney (in the basement level or something I think).
  14. HI I'm 2 weeks post op and I wear the ahhh bra. I do find by the afternoon my boobs are a bit sore (tight) so I take it off and just wear a singlet. My doctor (actually the nurse) said just to wear a bra if I want during the day and no bra at night. I find when wearing the bra it doesn't move my boobs up at all. Hope that helps.
  15. That's awesome flip I'm so happy for you :) how's hubby feeling about them :)?

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