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  1. Hi I got 360 XHP Brazilians Tear Drop and I'm really happy with mine. I went to Dr Mark Lee and he was fabulous. I had absolutely NO pain and a friend got the normal rounds with him the same week and had a fabulous outcome too. Good luck but I seriously recommend you see Dr Lee before making a final decision.
  2. I too am surprised she doesn't know this, however who knows how long they will last. A friend of mine is going on 15 years. I wouldn't worry about it until the time comes in the future.
  3. Hi Sophieschick, I think definately for you round would be the go. I have teardrops because I had no loose skin at all. A friend went to my surgeon also and because she had a lot of loose skin too he gave her the round to fill it up. He said to her that he wouldn't put teardrops into women with loose skin. He is a very well respected surgeon here in Perth and both myself and my friend are extremely happy with the two types he did for us. Hope that helps and good luck.
  4. Hey Holly where do they sell these bras? I like the one on the right.
  5. Victoria Secret is now at Perth and Melbourne Domestic Airports however I don't think they have a huge bra range. VS has a big store in that new huge building in the City in Sydney (in the basement level or something I think).
  6. HI I'm 2 weeks post op and I wear the ahhh bra. I do find by the afternoon my boobs are a bit sore (tight) so I take it off and just wear a singlet. My doctor (actually the nurse) said just to wear a bra if I want during the day and no bra at night. I find when wearing the bra it doesn't move my boobs up at all. Hope that helps.
  7. Inde, so sorry to hear this news. My prayers are with you at this stressful time, however I'm sure all will be good. Be strong and know there are loads of us thinking of you. xx
  8. Hi Laura, I agree with some of the others about maybe postponing a few months until you are really sure. Your bf sounds as though he's maybe not for you? The putting in effort comment is a bit strange and doesn't sound like a healthy relationship for you to be in (hope I haven't offended). Maybe if your worried about your weight too perhaps spend the next few months doing Weight Watchers or something and maybe if you loose the weight that will be enough to give you confidence and feel better about yourself and then make a decision on the boobs?? I did WW last year with my husband and lost 10kg (was 70Kg) and it made me feel so much better.
  9. I was on day 3 with my period when I has my surgery which was very light and wore a pad and it was fine. I wouldn't worry about it at all.
  10. I agree with the others you look like a normal man. Stop analysing yourself in such a negative way there is NOTHING wrong with you at all.
  11. Congratulations. I've just had my BA this afternoon and resting up in hospital. I have a 1 night stay. Feeling ok just really tight chest. I didn't have any loose skin so will feel tight for awhile. Cant believe the after pic in the bikini top. Everything looks great and hope you heal well and feel as fabulous as you look.
  12. Congratulations on the 520cc Danilee, wow I've been stressing about 360cc, you go girl. I've got one more day of normal then off on Monday for my op and hope mine goes at least as half as good as yours. As the girls have said don't over do it.
  13. Thinking of you Inde and hope all goes well. x
  14. Hi I'm in on Monday, 29th so really starting to freak about size, recovery etc. If anyone has some last minute tips for me please bring it on and also anything I definately need that's not the norm for hospital (1 night stay over).
  15. Hmm I'm getting my furrys on Monday and was wondering is the difference noticable in clothes if they don't settle at the same time or do you have to kinda cover up abit?
  16. Hi Blondie233, personally I don't understand why people travel from Perth over east to get their procedures done. We have loads of great surgeons here. There are lots of Perth girls on this Forum who can vouch for that. I'm booked in on Monday for my BA with Dr Mark Lee and a friend is also going with him next Friday. I'll let you know when I'm up and about how I go but seriously don't go elsewhere. If something goes wrong etc you have your doctor close by and I think that is really important. Inde12 just had a redo with Dr Lee and I think she was happy with him. Dr Lee's girls in the surgery rooms are also so fantastic. Anyway good luck with searching who your comfortable with.
  17. Well done Katems22, your mum sounds just the best and what a mum should be. I'm so happy that everything went so well. It's a big thing having any operation even though a BA is considered one of the easiest (time wise etc) but it is still such a stress and having fabulous people around you is just what you need. I hope all keeps going fabulous for you and that hope my experience is just as good. Congratulations love.
  18. Hi tummytime, I'm having my surgery in two weeks in Perth and I'm also due the day before or the day of surgery and the dr's office said no problems but you need to let the nurse know who in turn will advise everyone else and you have to use a pad.
  19. I'm booked in for a BA in two weeks and now thinking about twilight but **** scared of both scenarios really. Not sure what to do!
  20. Thanks I've just printed it off and will definately be keeping it close by.
  21. They look fabulous congrats. Sexy tank!!
  22. My gosh some of those pics are downright scary.
  23. Oh Mrs B you have me abit stressed I have the same stats as you and are getting 360XHP anatomical Brazilians. I can't remember what yours looked like but I want mine as natural as possible as I have two young children and don't want to look silly at 40 years of age.
  24. Hi I'm getting the 360XH tear drop Silimed Brazilians because I want the natural look as much as possible and though I have two kids my boobs didn't change (cheated or what!) so I don't have the loose skin etc. I'm 164cm and 60kg.
  25. Hi 5rtbags can I ask why going to Sydney for your op?
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