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    tuberous breast correction + BA + BL
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    Dr Dean Trotter 15/10/2015
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    168cm / 63kg / 12B hoping for 12DD
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    Japanese pop culture, Korean music+drama, healthy eating, drawing, coffee, music.

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  1. Ahh thank you lovely ladies for the replies, I'll check my incisions when I have to change my dressings  I might start using them at 3 weeks to be safe and sure if the healing has gone well.
  2. Good luck! You'll be fine! It's super quick after you get put in the bed. Then a very deep foggy snooze and bam new boobs. Haha that's what it felt like to me!
  3. Ohh I thought it was after they had healed too, thank you so much soren711! And also for the fyi from your friend, I was stressing about starting late and being left with worse scars because of it.
  4. Totally agree with TheFox, I had reconstuctive work done by Dean Trotter at ARC and he is amazing, so is Richard from what I've heard as well and I'm pretty sure he trained Dean
  5. I'm 11 days post op and my incisions are still pretty fresh and I have had a lollipop lift. They are currently dressed with micropore My surgeon mentioned when I can start using the siltape but I forgot because of my fazey endone brain haha Also, just generally asking for others experiences as I'm aware you should always check with your surgeon
  6. My recovery seems to have been quite different to others although some thing the previous girls mentioned I only experienced for the first 5 days mildly (I'm on day 10 right now). I was able to go to the toilet on my own as soon as I got home and only really needed help getting up or reaching things before day 5, I was also in quite a bit of pain but didn't notice it for the most part because my body seems to react really well to the meds as well (antibiotics, endone, anti inflammatory). The worst part for me was sleeping, I found it really hard to sleep even with two endone and I became so grumpy and emotional from lack of sleep. I guess it really varies depending on the person. I'd really reccommend getting a u shape pillow specially a memory foam one, I haven't had any back pain from sleeping upright at all and I think it's because I have 3 normal pillows and a u shaped pillow (God I can't wait to sleep on my side though, I'm usually a tummy sleeper haha). I also reccommend a super healthy balanced diet before and during recovery. I think I would have been in a lot of trouble if I hadn't payed close attention to nutrition and hydration (I went through 4 litres of hydralite in the first 4 days and that helped my body detox the residual anaesthesia and medications).
  7. I had surgery with Dean Trotter also at ARC who has been trained by and works with Richard Bloom. I was a really difficult case and Dean has done a tremendous job
  8. Hey Jessika_Lauren! Nerves are the worst! I'm assuming you mean going under as in GA? I'm not going to be much help but I did have eye surgery when I was really young and for some reason remember going under then quite well. Little me loved it haha it just felt like I was realllyyy tired all of a sudden and I drifted into it really happily haha. I'm interested to see how adult me will go with it now too. Honestly, It isn't terrifying or scary when you go under. But, if you are quite anxious beforehand just explain to the nurse or your surgeon and I've heard hat they've given patients Valium beforehand to settle them down, that could be an option for you too.
  9. That's so exciting! Its so funny how it can still feel unreal until you get like a piece of paper with real dates on it haha then your mind catches up and it's all 1 million and 1 emotions at once.
  10. Like Natsacks said the Bepanthen Scar Treatment silicone gel is great. I'd also recommend getting some Siltape or Silicone Gel sheeting to place over the insicions (You can get a brand called Scar FX from Priceline and for one re-useable sheet it costs around $39.95, but totally worth it I've heard). Hope your recovery treats you kindly!
  11. For the girls who are interested in my personal survival kit I'll list it below (I'm crazy over prepared so it's pretty extensive). ALSO, disclaimer sort of thing here haha I've yet to take these things to my surgeon and ask his opinion on what I should or shouldn't use, these are just things I've seen posted on here that help with recovery. So I'll be taking all this stuff to my second consult on the 30th to confirm if I can use them and I'd suggest asking your surgeon about anything you want to use in your recovery stage. Alright here we go. Neck Pillow Button up Pjs Memory foam or latex U-shaped/Banana pillow for back support while sleeping upright. Bendy straws to drink from cups while I can't lift my arms. Scar treatments (Specially for those girls getting a lift): - Silicone gel sheeting or Siltape (The scar treatment mostly recommended by girls on the forum) I got the Scar FX brand from Priceline and it set me back around $39.95 - Bepanthen Scar Treatment silicone gel with roller (I plan to use this at home instead of the sheeting because the sheeting is expensiiiive. $16.95 ish from Chemist Warehouse - Bio oil 125ml $16.99 Chemist Warehouse - Rosehip Oil 30ml $10.99 Chemist Warehouse And the rest: - MediHoney Wound Gel with Manuka Honey (Wasn't sure if I can use this but it was recommended for surgical wounds so I picked it up) $8 ish from Chemist Warehouse - Arnica Bruise Stick $7 ish from CW - Cetaphil cleansing wash (soap and fragrance free for pre surgery wash and to use when I can finally shower) $6.99 CW - Headbands ($2.80 each from Daiso) and dry shampoo ($7 CW) to use while I'm not able to shower - Fragrance free Baby wipes ($1.99 CW) to freshen up while unable to shower - Eye drops for after I wake up from the GA because my eyes dry out badly during GA ($12.99 CW) - Throat lozenges for after GA (A lot of girls have a husky voice and sore throat after GA) - Laxetives because pain medication can back you up a lot I've heard haha ($5.70 CW) - Deep Heat Back Patches for back pain while sleeping upright ($8 ish CW) And finally Ginger tea and peppermint tea for nausea Swisse Hair, Skin and Nails vitamins ($17.99 CW) Phew, there we go haha. I hope this is helpful for some. Again, I don't think this is all MUST HAVES I'm just a freak and I'm yet to check with my surgeon if I am able to use all of these items as of yet.
  12. Hi girls! Argh! What a month. My surgery for a BA+BL (tuberous correction) is the 15th of October with Dean Trotter through Arc Plastic Surgery. I'm so happy I found the group and I'm so excited for everyone's dates! We can all be a great support system for each other specially when our dates get close and we're stuck at home in recovery haha I've gone and bought a whole heap of stuff already, specially stuff to heal my scars nicely because of the lift, if anyone wants a list of the things in my recovery survival kit I'm happy to share it hehe ?
  13. ElleB11


    Honey Birdette should stock that size and they are beautiful! But, If your after something more casual you can try evollove, I used to work at Bendon lingerie and we just started stocking that brand when I left. I really liked the styles but they only start at a D cup and I'm an A (Soon to be hopefully a DD/E too ) for when you're able to go bra shopping of course! I hope your recovery has been kind to you and I hope that was useful.
  14. Hi MISSMAYA! Woooo!!! So happy for you! It must be so amazing. I loved your little journal, specially all the detail, it was great! Would you mind if I showed it to my partner? He will be the one looking after me so it will help him understand lol I'm booked in with Dean for the 15th of October for a very similar procedure as you do you mind if I FR you? And ask questions if I think of any? I'll try not to annoy you with them though haha.
  15. Hi Partricia, I have booked in with Dean Trotter from Arc on the 15th of October also, from what I was told the package includes everything for either a breast augmentation or lift so $10,000 for and augmentation or lift (don't quote me exactly on that as I was after a more extensive surgery). to answer your question about the process, it's recommended that you make a list of surgeons you find and book a consult with each of them (I only needed one because Dean was amazing) then after your consultations you can choose to go for a second if you feel like you need it or just email them, they're usually great with answering your concerns. Then when you are ready you can book your surgery with your chosen surgeon then it's just a painful countdown haha. I'm at 45 days and just want it to hurry up! Haha broomekelly, do you mind if I FR you and ask you some questions? I'm going with Dean also and would love to hear from someone who has had surgery by him :)
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