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    21 June with Dr Rastogi
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    165 cm / 55kgs / Currently 12c (droopy) going to a D or more likely DD

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  1. Hi ladies  I got 470cc implants with Dr Rastogi in June 2014. I now am thinking I want to go 100cc more (maybe more). Has anyone done this and how much bigger are your breasts after this much more cc? Has anyone done the BA and revision with Dr Rastogi? I dont have a need to have it done, i just want larger implants. I will attach some photos of what I look like now. Opinions stories etc are very welcome Quote Edit
  2. Loz89

    bruising on stomach from swelling

    a day or two after my op i discovered bruising on my back.... was weird but nothing to be concerned about.
  3. Loz89

    Holly cow

    as you said you have alot of swelling, that will go down majority over the next few months but mine took over 6mths to all go away. Your implants will drop and fluff as well and they wont sit so high and will look more modest in that top. dont worry just be patient
  4. Loz89

    consult 520cc

    you are alot shorter than me, i am 165cm tall and weigh 57.5kgs without implants and was a 12C before hand..... I have 470cc extra high profile implants, I am a 10E and they look very proportionate. If you have had 2 kidlets he probably has given you those to sizes to give you a lift with implants rather than actually having a lift. are they rounds or anatomicals? what profile etc? If you are worried i would go with the 485cc
  5. Hi I sent you a FR, I hope thats ok

  6. Loz89

    babies after boobies

    Hi Bigbooty, I have sent you a FR I hope thats ok. I am wondering if type of implant impacts how it looks after pregnancy and if you dont breastfeed?
  7. Loz89

    I want to go bigger now!!!!

    I have extra high profile furries, but i needed it to lift my natural breast tissue out. basically they project more than high or moderate implants.
  8. Loz89

    How much do implants weigh!!

    you could have swellng still as well and being inactive wont help with keeping kgs off, but a job where you dont get to eat lunch works!
  9. Loz89

    How much do implants weigh!!

    yea 1 CC=1 gram I have 470 CC so they weigh 470 grams. Yours weigh 360 grams each so 720 grams all up.
  10. 10 B and saggy, how bad? mine were droopy and i didnt need a lift
  11. yea sure go for it. i havent had kids yet but i dont plan on BF
  12. I am 165cm tall and weigh 58.5kgs (57.5kgs if you dont include the implants). I have 10E-F boobs and they look proportionate........ you may get to an E-F and look proportionate if its an 8E-F what are you now?
  13. Loz89

    Returning to Work After BA

    honestly i would take 2 weeks off, i know i needed it and my surgeon said the same thing and i work in an office...... also you shouldnt lift anything very heavy for i think 8 wks so you might have to mention something to your boss, i think anything over 5kgs (well that was for me anyway). check with your PS. You could just say that you have injured your back and that you cant lift anything to heavy for X amount of weeks etc? Also lifting your arms above your head is hard for the first wk or two (showering is difficult). I have a think about taking more time off and checking what you can actually do post op..... my surgeon gave me instructions to follow
  14. Loz89

    Wohoo best consult ever!!

    Hi Big Booty did you breastfeed your bub? did you put on much weight? just trying to figure out it im going to need a revision after a bub
  15. Na not a prob at all. I totally freaked out and went up to syd (I live in Canberra) the next monday. It was just swelling and fluid is why it felt like it moved. They adhered like they were supposed to. When i bent over i could feel something move, as i said it was fluid and went away. I freaked coz i was so careful for the first 3 weeks so they would properly adhere. for some reason this wouldnt post when i went to reply...... its been a long day that i posted it on my own visitors message