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  1. Hi I sent you a FR, I hope thats ok

  2. Na not a prob at all. I totally freaked out and went up to syd (I live in Canberra) the next monday. It was just swelling and fluid is why it felt like it moved. They adhered like they were supposed to. When i bent over i could feel something move, as i said it was fluid and went away. I freaked coz i was so careful for the first 3 weeks so they would properly adhere. for some reason this wouldnt post when i went to reply...... its been a long day that i posted it on my own visitors message

  3. Na not a prob at all. I totally freaked out and went up to syd (I live in Canberra) the next monday. It was just swelling and fluid is why it felt like it moved. They adhered like they were supposed to. When i bent over i could feel something move, as i said it was fluid and went away. I freaked coz i was so careful for the first 3 weeks so they would properly adhere.

  4. Dr Rastogi wont give you larger implants than what he thinks will look natural and proportionate on your body, but it depends on your stats? What are your stats?

  5. Because i have larger implants and they need to be placed in the correct spot first time (brazilians cant just be pushed in and poked around because they stick like velcro and hence why you need a talented surgeon for them), I have a 6-7cm scar they are barely noticeable, very neat and they sit in the crease of my breast. It really depends on the surgeon with the lady you spoke with. i cant feel the implant at the top because they are under the muscle there, i used to be able to feel the sides a little but now that they have softened and settled I cant (I am a year post op next mth). Brazilians dont drop as they stay in the same place, but because they are placed half under the muscle they do sort of fluff when the muscle relaxes and give more lower pole fullness.. When I first had my surgery my implants were very firm, now nearly a year on they are very soft (the will never be as soft as other implants though) but brazilians can take 12-18mths to fully soften.

  6. II fully trusted his ability before i had my consult. I went in with heaps of questions which he answered and i was fully happy. He measured me up and he said i needed 470CC (I said I wanted to be a DD, he said expect to be an E as i need more CC to fill the skin out). We were deciding between the ones i have and a slightly wider implant but i said i didnt think they would fit and he agreed, after surgery he said they would have never fit!. Brazilians last alot longer generally, than other implants. Rastogi only does dual plan (which is half under, half over the muscle, if you google it it will come up with pictures) and only does anatomical s (tear drops). They stay in place and Rastogi said they could last up to 30yrs and would be fine if i had a child. They are harder to remove if you need a revision but the chance of capsular contracture is very little with the brazilians because of the coating and how the scar tissue forms around the implant. let me know what you think. Loz

  7. Hi Minnie I dont know my BWD (i actually dont even know what it means), im sure Rastogi measured me but i didnt ask. I was a 12c and droopy from losing weight, so i needed larger implants to correct this and not need a lift (which he doesnt do). I went in there knowing full well what I wanted and knew that he was the surgeon I wanted (i have been talking to my GP about him for years, they went to medical school together and thats how why I knew his name). I did to research on other surgeons but i didnt like their results. here is my thread about my experience: http://www.plasticsurgeryforum.com.au/forums/showthread.php?15189-Loz89-BA-Story-Dr-Rastogi&highlight=Dr+Rastogi

  8. FR accepted. what would you like to know?

  9. Hi Sept Just sent you a FR, Hope thats ok? :-)

  10. not at all FR accepted :-)

  11. The furries are definately alot firmer to touch than other implants, but i dont mind. they sort of feel like gummy bears in firmness. They do soften over a 12mth period (mine are still softening) but after the 12mth mark they dont soften anymore. I love them, i like the fact they dont move (i am a bit of a gym junkie and no bounce when running is great). they look very natural and proportionate for my body even though im short and they measure a 10F-G. Today at work i am wearing a lorna jane crop under my casual clothes, they are great. Do you have the same stats breast wise? because if you squeeze my boob, it takes a bit to get to the actual implant because i have a fair amount of natural breast tissue, so they feel very real until you squeeze harder.

  12. go for it :-) i should add that im 58.5 kgs now but same if not smaller in size body wise due to weights

  13. Hey merlin, your inbox is full. Be patient, i think he is wrong frankly when he says 3 months. I just accepted that they would take a while to fully settle. I still dont have that flat line from the top of my breast to my nipple but it may be because i do weights at the gym. the implants take AGES to settle and soften up. I am now nearly 9mths post op...... you just have to forget about the time thing or it will do your head in, remember you breasts are going to look different to everyone elses (thats what I had to do). It depends what you had to start with, i had saggy 12C's so mine are going to be different to someone who had nothing (they are lucky in a way because their breasts come our perfect). I didnt bother seeing Rastogi for my 3mth consultation, I was happy with the way they were going and im in canberra so its a bit of a hike for a FU appointment. I'll take some pics but im not sure if you will notice in the photos. Happy to help with any other questions Loz

  14. its not coz i ate the indian, its the realisation that i do have such low self body image that i can even enjoy a small naughty meal. It's no ones fault. i just need to take a little break. I am pretty sad because i love this forum and all the members, but my fiancee was saying hes never seen me this bad not even when i was 70kgs

  15. I am ok, struggling with my inner demons (body image). I was going really good until i had indian last night and now am holding water weight because it was so salty. Am super sore after my Pt session but am going to the gym this arvo. A few girls in canberra are having a boobie catch up tonight at a nice resturant (another night eating out) so I have allready prechoosen my meal. I did well last night with controlling how much i ate but still really dissapointed in myself. tonight shouldnt be so bad as I am having grilled chicken with beans and carrots, just have to portion control that as well. During the day my eatin is really good, i just have to get night time down pat. Gym I am doing well at and focused. I suppose I need to give myself a little bit of a break. Are you going with a male or female instructor? You will love it, I know I did and will continue to keep going. I have prepaid 12 sessions, and am saving up for the next 12!!

  16. I miss you!!! How are you lovely?

  17. Hey, How did your surgery go? What size implant did you get and how are you recovering? So excited for you xo

  18. MISHA!!! YAY, sorry excited to hear from you Mine are going really well, went out today and was walking super fast and they were giggling (no bra on!) lol. I am just kinda impatient coz i want them to fluff so i can go bra crazy! But I started back at the gym this wk so if i lose weight I am going to have a guess and say they will stay the same, which is fine by me! I have to go back to sydney in Oct for my 3mth FU appointment, I am hoping that my muscles have let go before I see him. Did they ask you if they could put your results up on their site? I wonder how they choose?

  19. Cleared now xox

  20. your inbox is full lovely

  21. Hey sweets how long did it take for your girls to get all squishy? How are you?

  22. FR accepted, let me know what you think? I havent uploaded pics of the girls in 3 wks now. waiting a little bit as i dont think they have changed much (but apparently they have). also want to wait to be a bit fitter before I upload pics, feeling a bit flabby atm

  23. not to long now!! cant wait to see your results

  24. Hey WhitneyJane There are a group of gals catchin up on saturday the 24th of August. did you want to send me a PM with your email address if you would like to come? there are 4 of us currently :-) Ladies would be happy to have another addition

  25. i cant wait until they get that lovely side profile.

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