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  1. im feeling well, a bit bloated and tight.I will be uploading when I get home, i dont seem to be able to off my phone. any ideas?How are you? how have they turned out so far?Mine are alot bigger than what i was expecting so i doubt i will be getting boobie greed. I am a little down today because of bloating and not being on my normal diet as i am away from home.

  2. hey hun, Question, could you hear your implants move (sounds weird) when you moved in certain ways. Also how long did it take for your muscles to relax and the implants to soften up?I am really tight across the chest and a bit down today :-( boobie blues i think

  3. they certainly are very juicy. i think they will measure an E or larger. Makes the rest of my bod look awsome!! and thanks, you have been so lovely. I appreciate it Hun

  4. I know your prob still in surgery now, but I hope all went well. Mine went well, am super happy!! How are you holding up? much pain?

  5. It went really well. I woke up in pain and they had to put stuff in my canual, that dod t wprk so the pandine forte and vallium, that didnt work so had endone. But all good. Im fine npw and just relaxing. They are effing massive! I wasnt expecting them to be this big. But oh well. They are pretty amazing

  6. Thanks, you too :-) Feel free to PM me after your all done. when are you up?

  7. Good luck Grippy!!! Sending positive vibes your way. Dont forget I am always on the other side of the phone if you need me :-) xox

  8. thanks hun, all you guys have such a great memory, i kinda feel bad i dont remember when everyones dates at.

  9. oh how exciting!! I will be posting pics etc as soon as im coherent enough to do so! Getting a bit nervous. when are you going in for surgery?

  10. Thanks!!!!! I will be posting pics and experience as soon as I can after surgery pending on how i recover :-) YAY, hard to believe im going to have juicy melons tomorrow!

  11. ONE SLEEP!!! EPPP. Flying to sydney this arvo, half day at work. I am so excited. I thought I would be shitting myself. you?

  12. hello hun I am a little nervous, more because this week seems to be dragging and I just want it to be tomorrow arvo so we can fly to syd already!! I am pretty excited, I thought I would be crapping myself right about now but no, im just really looking forward to this next part in my life. What surgeon are you going with? I will be posting photos when I return to canberra Are you going tear drops? What projection are you going and have you been recommended a size? I am currently a 12C, size 8 in clothes (thats about to change for the top half!!). My surgeon choose 470cc XHP tear drops for me, as you can see from my pics I need a bit of a lift. I went in with no real expectations other than wanting to be a DD. I will be a DD-E with the implants im getting.It depends what size you want, if the 430cc are going to get you to the size you want I wouldnt worry about it.

  13. Loz89

    hey hun, how are you travelling? I'm up on friday, am pretty excited. have you gone shopping yet?

  14. yup thats me. same but im really looking forward to not having to wear a bra, checking myself out (im not going to lie and say I wont) and the confidence more than anything

  15. yea me too.....weird. might have been something while the site was down. Are you excited? I am getting really excited, I want to know what they are going to look like already

  16. im pretty nervous, rastogi recommended 470cc xhp. so they are going to be BIG! I am currently a 12 C (im a size 8, its all a bit weird) I just want it to be thursday night. I hope the pain isnt too bad, I had my wisdoms out and that was freaking painful. How long did it take for them to soften up?

  17. hey I was just wondering how much pain you had after your surgery? I just wanted to reiterate that I think you choose the right size for you also, you should be proud of them and your bod! If its not a rude question what size are you and what size did your girls end up being? Loz

  18. hey! how are you going with your count down? you must be getting excited, I know I am. Bit nervous though as I will be getting fairly large implants

  19. thanks for that. I actually have to excercise as I started doing being a gym junkie about 2 years ago to help me win the fight with depression as I had put on weight. I have lost 15kgs to date but am putting on mass as i have just switched to cardio and weights which is fine by me. As long as its muscle and not fat! I am just slightly worried about getting a little depressed because I cant excercise. Do you think light walks would be ok?

  20. hi /amelia-dione, Just wondering when it is safe to go back to the gym after a BA? I go to the gym most days of the week, every secound day is weights with cardio and every other day is cardio (eliptcal) I am going to go bonkers being off the gym for a long time and want to know what I can do. I thought you would be the best person to ask. Thanks

  21. thats interesting. My partner and I started thinking I would be only needing a small implant, say around the 200cc mark (which now I know is not going to happen). I am assuming I will be around the 350cc-400cc mark to be a DD. Oh you must be happy E in playboy!! :-)

  22. Thanks!! If its not a rude question what cup size are you post-op? I havent had my first consult yet (on 3rd June) and I want to kind of work out how many CC's Rastogi will recommend. I am a 12 C in a bra that is slightly padded on a good day

  23. I am pretty sure that Rastogi only does dual plane, which is half under and half over the muscle. Doesnt really make sense to me atm? Well I have this playboy bra that I got when I was bigger, its a DD and i put cream fillers in and they arnt that big at all. i looked in the mirror and was like "i could totally go bigger" but prob wont as I want to have a child or 2 eventually and can always do that after them. I dont want to Breast feed or it to ruin my boobs, so thats slightly concerning :-/ It is really exciting, you must be pumped. I bet it feels a bit like a dream though? wont seem real to you have it done sort of thing?

  24. I am not sure of the cc size yet. I am going to Dr Rastogi in Sydney. My first consult is on the 3rd of June and surgery on the 21st. I had to book the surgery in before I saw him due to timing for work and also due to being recommended to him by my GP. What implants are you getting? I am a deflated 12C atm (on a good day, sometimes dont fill the bra out) hoping for a DD. I have quite a broad chest and have previously been that size when i was bigger so I know it will suit. But I think im getting boob greedy as I wouldnt be adverse to a 12E!!! ha ha ha

  25. Hey Nushi, i must say you have a nice set of girls before your BA. Cant imagine how good they will look once you get them done!!! I am a bit jelous that you are so close to you D day, i have to wait until 21 june :-( do you know what size you are going, as in cup size?

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