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    Breast augmentation after breastfeeding
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    Dr Craig Layt, October 2013
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    163cm, 54kg, small 10b
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  1. Hi Girls, through id just let you all know that 3 months ago I had surged with Dr Craig Layt in the GC and he did an amazing job! he gave me exactly what Id asked for looks wise. and I had no bruising, minimal swelling, no yukky drains, and a very very quick painless recovery. I was out to dinner the night after and day 2 post op I was off shopping etc.. Wonderful follow up service too. MrsB xx
  2. MrsB

    Dr Craig Layt?

    I think that it's worth the wait, dr Layt is very professional but at the same time very approachable. I can't comment about the surgery yet or post op as I'm still 5 weeks away, but I will let you know once its all happened
  3. High profile just means they have more projection out wards, as opposed to more width side to side that you would get with Low or mod profile. I've got next to no meat on my chest and I am getting high profile (due to not having the width in my chest to carry wider implants) and my surgeon assures me they will look quite natural. I would actually think high profile would balance your body out better than mod profile, so don't stress
  4. Hey guys, I'm meant to be getting implants in 6 weeks, and now we have decided to have another child in one year. Will breastfeeding be detrimental to the look of my boobs after weaning?
  5. MrsB

    Dr Craig Layt?

    hi Kayla, im going for BA with Dr Layt next month. I have had a phone consultation with him as i live out of town. he was really informative and sets your mind to rest. the reception girls are just awesome, they are so friendly. i booked in six months in advance, but that was to fit in with my schedule, he had earlier ones too! can comment on post op yet! hope your consultation goes well x
  6. MrsB

    Dr Craig Layt?

    I think once you meet him and have a chat it will all make sense. He is very confident and down to earth, great sense of humor too! from my research, it is apparent that he is known for creating natural looking breasts so that put my mind at ease. By the sounds of it that measurement must be the reason, but i dont think the teardrop ones will make ur boobs look funny, just kick up ur nipple position...? yes i made this post ages ago and forgot my password haha but with 8 weeks to go its time to start thinking about it again. Im all booked in and confirmed for 23 Oct! eee when are you looking at booking in?
  7. MrsB

    Dr Craig Layt?

    Hi mummajules. Mine are deflated b cups from breastfeeding and the main fullness of my boob is in the bottom half. I also have a large distance from my collar bone to my boobs leaving a boney chest area and upward pointing nips (they sit low, not sag if that makes sense). Dr Layt reccommended I go for round, textured silicone implants under the muscle. (as they really just need filling back out back to my breastfeeding D cup). This is what i wanted before the consultation. He did however recommend i get crease incision for better placement and reduced CC rick, I really want armpit incision though.. have you discussed incision placement with him yet?
  8. I'm an October gal too! Booked in for a BA on 23rd Oct with Dr Layt. Going from deflated b (breastfed 18months) to hopefully a full D. Have been bio oiling the titties and starting a core strength program to help avoid back pain from big boobs and lying around; also some ass toning so it doesn't get out of shape during recovery too bad lol how exciting!! Eeeeee
  9. Thanks girls! I've been walking around with rice bags in my sports bra to the equivalent of 375 cc's and they feel good, 400 felt too big as they got in the way when I washed my hands in the sink haha 8 weeks to go eeeeeeekkk
  10. Hello ladies, im wondering what amount roughly I would need to go in order to go from a small B to a D cup. I am aware there are many other influencing factors, but would be interested to know if anyone has had similar and how many cc's they chose? thanks x
  11. Hi Gals! im looking at booking a consultation with dr layt for October and would like to hear any comments people may have about their experience with him. I am getting a BA after breastfeeding also and would like to know if anyone has breastfed again with implants? Fleur x
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