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    Breast augmentation in Dec 13
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    Dr Boonchai 02 Dec 13
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  1. Hi Ladies!!! It's now day 5 post op for me and it's awesome! I love my breasts!!! They look fucking fabulous!!!! I had Dr Boonchai, seriously after meeting a whole bunch of awesome ladies - including Hanniimac - all the Drs at PIAC are awesome. so I went from a 12 A with little breast tissue and a lot of muscle and big shoulders to now being a full DD with full breasts. I got 350cc (both sides) textured, sub pectoral under the arm pits mod profile and they are amazing! I can't wait to meet my man at home in 5 days! Tips? I did quite a bit of research of different incisions, sizes and profiles, but for me it came down to what look I wanted to achieve and my lifestyle. I have a very active - different - sort of lifestyle so overs weren't a big option for me. I wanted full over perky cos I've had teeny 'perky' ones forever, and arm pit incision because I wasn't a fan of some of the scars porn stars had, so arm pit worked best even though the recovery is longer. At the end of the day as long as you chooses what you want that's all that matters - everyone will give you an opinion, but go with your gut feeling! In terms of preparation I bought over some antiseptic body wash and a few loose easy wearing dresses. That was it. I didn't buy bras etc cos I had no idea what size I would get to! So most would say I was under prepared. For me that suited me. I've used the bra PIAC gave me, stayed in aircon 95% of the time and showered twice daily. So I'm not turning into a feral haha. But you don't need much. One thing that has been a saviour apart from my kindle, is my travelling little neck pillow. I'm not used to sleeping on my back and propped up so that kept my neck comfy. I had a great experience at PIAC and when the time comes for an upgrade I will be going back there!!! To those who want them, get them, you won't regret it if you have done it because you want them!!! I'm off to look in the mirror again... ;D
  2. Hi Ladies!!! its Day 5 post op and I LOVE my breasts!!! I can say that right?!? ;D I had surgery with Dr Boonchai at PIAC on Monday. I had the consult first and learnt a lot about breasts in general and even about my own!! I ended up choosing 350cc (both sides) textured, under arms, sub pectoral, mod profile. So have gone from a 12 A with the idea of achieving a DD max! He was great, very patient and we had a good laugh. I showed him pictures of what I wanted so that helped heaps. The surgery was a few hours later and it went very smoothly. I woke up a bit groggy and stiff but not really sore. Day 3 post op I went shopping with my mum and saw a show that night. Next day I was stiff under the arms. Mum went home day 4 so today was the first day I had to get my bra off myself to shower and I even managed put a singlet on myself! Extremely proud haha. Stitches come out tomorrow so am very excited. i met a lot of awesome women at the clinic having the same and similar ops, was awesome to discuss experiences and ideas! This website has been an enormous help in my little journey. Thanks to everyone!! I just can't wait to wear a bikini now!!
  3. Hi PIAC ladies!!!!!! i am laying in bed right now having had my surgery 9 hours ago. I feel good but am just sooo excited to see my upgrade from 12 A to hopefully a d!!!!! The staff are great and while I love Dr Boonchai, I have nothing but awesome stories about all the doctors in here from other girls. A great facility and great experience!!!!'
  4. Excited87 that's AWESOME!!! My surgery is on this Monday as in in 2 sleeps!!! I am sooo excited but a bit nervous and I have no idea if I have packed the right stuff - I am going pretty light. Really good to know about the pain afterwards, thank you!! Good luck!!!
  5. I'm locked in for 02 dec with Dr Boonchai; he sounds amazing!! I think I am sorted for everything except what type of post op bras I should get as I actually have no idea what size I will be (swollen of course too initially). So if I am a 12 A now is it highly likely I will be a 12 D?!?! Help! And where's a good spot to buy them? Sports shops and target aren't very helpful... Thanks!!
  6. Hi Ladies!!!!! I'm 02 December!!! Am unbelievably excited!!!!
  7. I'm locked in on 02 December and it's all I can think about!!! I have had a few concerns that he may not like the feeling of them once I have them but we talked about it, he is actually just excited to have more to play with lol. I have actually been selecting a few pics of exactly what I want and as we are currently doing long distance for work, I gave him homework to do and send me pics of what he likes. Our communication is open and works for us, working as a team makes the whole thing sexier and fun. Good luck!
  8. By amazing luck I have secured Dr Boonchai on 02 Dec!!! So unbelievably excited!!! Looking at 350cc but thinking it will be a massive shock. Staying at Patong, been there 4months ago and loved it!!! after reading through the poster cover care my partner and I was pretty intrigued to read that intimacy isn't recommended for a few weeks... Did anyone have any issues say a week after??
  9. Thanks Mum05!!! found out today that now Dr Narupon is unavailable until 5th dec, which doesn't work with my flights. So Dr Thanakom it is. Bit nervous as none of his work is in the gallery and there a no comments/ feedback on here that I have found yet relating to his work...... Fingers crossed!!!
  10. Hi ladies!!! I'm locked in for the first week of December at PIAC. I wanted Dr Boonchai but he is Booked out; options remaining are Drs Narupon and Thanakon. Can I have please have any feedback you ladies have on either of the two!?!? Thanks!!!
  11. Hello, I have been going through so many forums and reviews to find out info on PIAC and Thailand surgeries; it can be tiring! I see that a lot of ladies have gone through travel companies/tour companies, is this necessary? What are the advantages/disadvantages of this? I am looking to have surgery early June and any info or advice you could share so I can make a better informed decisn would be so awesome. Thanks in advance!!
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